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Golden Rules Of Internet Marketing

Aug 19, 2008
With methods of communication in the global arena increasing by the minute, marketing on the Internet obviously does not lag far behind. With the discovery of this tool the world has become a smaller place and the term 'globalization' has set in. But, advertising or promoting a product on the net is not as simple as it looks. There are various aspects you have to look into before choosing the right platform on the net.

Firstly, there are number of sites that people can refer to on the net. We all know that with a nominal amount, people can register themselves and host various sites. When you are marketing a product on the net, the first factor to keep in mind is what is your product that you wish to sell and which are the sites your prospective clients would visit? For example, you are selling a glamorous magazine and want to promote the same on the net. The first aspect to look into is the age group, who would be your target audience and what site they would visit frequently. Sites like face book or orkut could be great options. If your budget does not fit the bill, then you have other options like yahoo or hotmail. It all depends on whom you want to reach out to.

The next aspect you can look into is that once you have selected the site on which you will promote or market your product, you will have to design your campaign to make it attractive enough to grab your viewers' attention. Colors, pictures and key messages should be bold and should stand out for your viewers to find what exactly you are offering. Once you have gained their attention half of your job is done.

Another important aspect is to know your competitors. Look for methods and sites they employ to promote their products. Study and assess the responses, they have received. You can also analyze their shortcomings and work on you campaign accordingly.

Once you have zeroed in on the sites, color and message you would send across to your audience, you have to make sure that your monthly fee you pay permits you to make updates, minor changes and receive technical support. These issues will occur frequently and therefore you should specify all these in your agreement.

Apart from advertising on various sites, you can market products by hosting your own website. With your own site, you have the space and freedom to mention the various aspects and benefits of your product giving the viewer a more interactive tool to know your product. You can also create a method of retrieving orders, with viewers placing them on the site itself.

Email campaigns are also quite common. After you get a database of names and e-mail addresses and you know these prospective clients would be interested in your product, you can then send out mails to their addresses. The advantage of sending mails is again you could get in direct contact with your prospective customer and you can specify all the details in the mail. The disadvantage is that these mails are usually spam mails and are often deleted without even having a look at them. The key is in your subject line. Make it interesting enough for the person to get interested in your mail and view the content.

Using the Internet as a marketing tool reduces advertising costs and attracts target audiences. The brand and sales of your product would make a profitable business, if you follow these golden rules of Internet marketing.
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