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Traffic Scams That Target Newbies

Aug 19, 2008
Promising to deliver targeted traffic to your website sounds like a miracle cure for all your internet marketing woes. Many "newbies' are easily lured into offers that promise to deliver thousands of visitors to their website.

The offers sound great, so let's take a closer look at what you get.

Whether you're new to internet marketing or you're an experienced pro, you know that without visitors your web site is pretty useless..

Most online marketers have come across those 'increase traffic' scams at some point. It's really hard not to notice these companies, since they all use very aggressive marketing copy. If you have used such a company. Here's a question for you.

Has traffic to your website increased?

Don't be embarrassed to admit to the truth. You are not the first person to be victimized by what many call traffic scams. This type of scam is meant for those who are desperate for any increase in traffic. As a newbie, you must take extra caution, since these companies know that you are vulnerable and eager to make sales.

Just starting out? If so, be careful!

The marketing agencies that promote instant traffic are extremely profitable for one simple reason. These companies intentionally target newbies who lack experience. As a result, they generate huge profits.

So why are newbies so easy to persuade?

Newcomers to online marketing are easily persuaded by these companies. The newbie is so excited about his new venture and is very eager to generate sales. So much so, that he is willing to buy traffic with the hopes of instant success.

When the traffic does not arrive, most newbies will not even question their decision. Rather, they become enthralled in the next over hyped internet marketing technique that promises the world.

Is the traffic quality any good?

Everybody knows, that simply sending massive amounts of traffic will not produce good results. You must send the right kind of traffic. In other words, high quality targeted traffic is the best recipe for success. The companies that promote traffic scams are fully aware of this. However, they are more concerned about profits that helping you succeed online.
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Vincent Newton is the creator of friend inviter, a viral marketing tool. Using a tell a friend html script on your website is the best way to generate free website traffic .
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