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What you need to know about tell a friend scripts.

Aug 19, 2008
An an internet marketer, generating free traffic should be your primary concern. The unfortunate reality is that most online business owners are not taking advantage of their existing traffic base. Viral marketing is not even on their radar.

Installing a tell a friend html script is a simple but yet powerful technique that can generate huge amount of free traffic. This will allow existing visitors to easily refer your online business to their circle of friends.

Think about the last time you discovered a new website. I bet you got an invite from a friend or family member. I'm sure you ended up visiting that website, because somebody you know invited you. Who knows, you might have even bought something, subscribed or became a member of that website. This is why tell a friend marketing is so important. When referred visitors arrive at your website, they will be more likely to make a purchase.

Traditional tell a friend programs are easy to install. In fact, most forms can be integrated in a matter of minutes. This can be done by adding a few lines of code to your website. Typically, you would log into the members area and customize your form.

For the most part, the prices are usually billed on a monthly basis. I know of one company that charges $15.00 per month with the option to pay annually. Another company offers life time access for a larger fee of $179.00. I suggest you ask questions and exercise due diligence before handing over your credit card.

Something you should look into is automation. A recent trend in the tell a friend marketing industry is emerging. Most major portals such as Facebook, are now deploying address book importers. This advanced feature will permit visitors to your website to instantly import contacts from their web mail account. For example, a visitors will invite all of his contacts from his Yahoo mail account by entering his email address and password.

Imagine being able to build a huge mailing list while generating free traffic. This is now a reality with the more advanced tell a friend scripts. Your visitors can now invite their circle of friends to your website but also join your mailing list.

Avoid services that do not boldly advertise their refund policy. Think about it this way, if a company truly believes in their product, they will offer some sort refund guarantee. Finally, good old customer service is still important. You want a company that will respond to your questions in a timely manner.
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Everybody realizes that viral marketing is a powerfuly strategy. By adding a tell a friend html script you can dramatically increase targeted traffic to your website.
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