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The Benefits of Wood and Laminate Underlay

Aug 19, 2008
Wood and laminate flooring is extremely popular these days. Giving a modern, homely look to most rooms, it really does make a refreshing change from plain old carpets.
However on its own, wooden or laminate flooring is not always that durable. It can also be noisy to walk on and heat escapes easily; leaving the floor feeling cold most of the time. For this reason underlay is often fitted.

Underlay provides protection and noise reduction to the flooring. However, there are many different types of underlay to choose from and not all of them will suit your needs. Here you will find out everything you need to know about the different types of underlay and how they might benefit you.

Understanding Wood and Laminate Underlay

There are so many different types of underlay that you can choose from for both wooden and laminate flooring. However no matter which type of flooring you do have, you should never use carpet under it. Many people assume that placing carpet under laminate and wooden flooring will help to make it feel softer to walk on. This unfortunately isn't the case and it can often make the flooring uneven and prone to damage.

Standard foam is the main type of material used for both wood and laminate flooring. However you will have to keep in mind that this type of underlay is better suited to rooms where there will not be a lot of moisture to compete with. So living rooms and bedrooms are the best places to use standard foam underlay.
Other types of underlay that can be used include:

* Upgraded
* Combo
* Cork

Cork is the most expensive option that you can choose. However, it is extremely good at blocking out noise in the rooms below. For this reason it is often better used in the upper levels of the house. It will not block out the noise of somebody walking over it in the same room.

If you are worried about moisture rising up into a room then you should choose Combo underlay. This type of underlay is created using film and combustion foam. It differs from standard foam in the fact that it has a moisture barrier attached to it.

If noise is something that you are really worried about then Upgraded underlay is the best option for you. It is created using high quality foam and it is often made from fibres and rubber. However as with cork underlay, this will not stop the noise created in the same room when you are walking over it.

The benefits of having an underlay are often taken for granted. The level of noise in your home is reduced and heat is stored more effectively. It will also allow you to lay the laminate or wooden flooring evenly over the subfloor. It isn't uncommon for the subfloor to be uneven. If it is, then that does make it difficult to fit a nice, even floor. So the right underlay will ensure that you end up with the best possible results.

Overall laminate and wooden underlay is definitely worth having. You should look into the different options available and be sure to research which types would be better in which rooms before you fit them!
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For a wide range of underlay, he recommends Completely Flooring, one of the UK's leading suppliers of Wood and Laminate Underlay.
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