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Café Chairs: 10 Money Saving Tips

Aug 19, 2008
Café chairs are more important than you may realize when it comes to properly building your business and maximizing your potential for profits. If you follow the ten tips below you should find that your selection of café chairs (http://www.laytrad.co.uk/commercial-bistro-chairs.htm) will serve your business well.

Shop around. You do not ever want to walk in a store and pick out the first chair you come across when this chair will be representing your business. Take the time to choose a chair that will work within your space, fit with your décor, and one that will be comfortable for your customers. Keep your customers in mind at all times and make the purchase for them, not you. Shopping around also allows you to compare prices and keep costs down.

Sit in it. This is really important and goes back to making the chairs about your customers. You want your customers to feel comfortable and appreciated. This is difficult to do when you give them chairs that are not comfortable. Decide how long you think it will take the average diner to enjoy a meal and a cup of coffee in your café and make sure you sit in the chair for at least that long before you decide to buy it. If it's comfortable you have a winner. If not, it might be better to pass. You will save tons of money getting customers to come back by doing something as simple as providing comfortable seating.

Measure. Really this cannot be stated enough. You must measure every piece of furniture you select and compare it to the space measurements to insure a good fit and that you are ordering the correct number of chairs. This is especially true if you are having furniture custom made. It is very expensive to have to begin over or miss out on seating opportunities because you failed to measure properly.

Ask for discounts. You will be surprised at how often this works and how little it is done. You may not get the discount if you ask for it but chances are far less likely that you will get one without asking for it. This goes well for any business that you are dealing with when opening and operating a café but especially when picking out café chairs and other items that are necessary before your business opens.

Buy in Bulk. When you buy all the café chairs for your café at once and from one retailer you may be able to get a discount for your bulk purchase. This is very wise if you are purchasing for several cafes because the more pieces you buy the greater the possibility for bulk discounts.

Avoid prestige purchases. It may sound great to have the best designer of café furniture design your café chairs but these types of prestige purchases are rarely cost effective unless you are going for a very select clientele. If you are going for a café that is built for every day middle class diners then you will want to avoid the markup that prestige purchases require.

Get second opinions. When it comes to saving money, one of the biggest ways to overspend when buying café chairs is by having to buy another set because one (especially when ordering custom furniture) doesn't work with your décor. Get another opinion. It may cost a little time but he money it can save is well worth it. In fact, the more opinions you get before buying the better the odds that you are purchasing café chairs that will be a good match.

Keep comfort in mind. This goes back to sitting in the chairs before you buy them but also offers a different spin. There are a lot of businesses that are going for what is trendy at the moment. You need to avoid falling into that particular trap and select furniture that keeps the body in mind and provides comfortable seating. Chairs are for sitting in and art should be on the walls. When you attempt to make chairs an artistic decision rather than a business decision you are robbing you and your customers and paying a lot more for the chairs than you would if you were going for comfort.

Buy the extended warranty if it is offered. It sounds silly but can save you a ton of money. There is no such thing as perfect and there are some batched of furniture, just like everything else that for some reason fail to meet the normal quality standards. These situations are often rare but purchasing the extended warranty can insulate you and your business should something go wrong with the furniture. It costs a little more up front but the peace of mind is worth the price and it could save a lot more in the end.

Expect guarantees. If the company you are considering purchasing your café chairs from doesn't stand behind their product by offering some sort of guarantee this is a sign that you might want to consider purchasing elsewhere. You do not want to do business with a business that doesn't stand behind their product. Chairs are not the most difficult thing in the world to come by and you can find excellent chairs in all sorts of places that will offer some guarantee as to how long their chairs should last. The problem is that if they do not offer some type of guarantee (even a limited guarantee) it should make you wonder why.

These are just a few great money saving tips when it comes to buying café chairs for your business. You are the one that can make these money saving decisions that will pinch pennies in the beginning without sacrificing quality. This is important in any business and a great way to get things started right. You will find plenty more excellent ways to save money as your business grows but saving money in the beginning can often make the difference between turning a profit or lingering on the edge for your business.
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