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A Room That Reaches Out and Welcomes Your Guests

Aug 19, 2008
There are a lot of public buildings where a need is evident to create a reception room, a lobby or a waiting room for customers. Most medical practices need such a room so patients can wait in relative comfort for their appointment with the doctor. Businesses commonly set up a very pleasant waiting room for business consultants, sales people or clients to be able to relax before getting their time with the business man or woman who offices there. You might even think of a hotel lobby as a receiving room because that lobby is the first room that greets new customers and makes them feel welcome.

So as you prepare the plans for a reception area for your business (http://www.laytrad.co.uk/commercial-reception-furniture.htm), every detail is important. All of us have spent time in waiting or reception rooms that we did not enjoy. So it's good to think of those times and try to sort out exactly what it was about that experience that made it unpleasant. And those are the things to design away from so your guests not only feel at ease and comfortable in your receiving area, they will be willing to spend time there and not driven away from your business just because that room didn't do its job of reaching out and welcoming your guests.

Obviously the heart of a good receiving room are the chairs. The kinds of chairs you provide as well as how they are arranged can go a long way to send the message to your customers or guests that they are welcome and you want them to feel at ease as they wait in this room. It's good to think about what kinds of chairs you will use and what makes a great reception chair before you make the investment in this important part of this important room in your hotel or business.

Customers relax best in a waiting or reception room that is well designed, modern, well decorated and soothing. This is all accomplished by professionals in interior decorating who can lay out a reception room that utilizes relaxing colors and lighting that just naturally causes any anxious guest to catch a second wind and gain some composure before conducting the business at hand. In a situation of a doctor's office or dentist's waiting room, the job of calming waiting patients could not be more important. People are anxious enough about what lies ahead in a medical situation so anything that can be done in that waiting area to introduce calm and serenity is actually medicinal in nature.

If you are working with an interior decorator who is coordinating the layout, the colors and all aspects of the reception room, he or she may have some specific ideas about the reception chairs so they too can help in calming those who my have to pass a fair amount of time waiting there. There have been actual studies that show that certain curves and lines in furniture and certain construction components are more soothing to guests than others. So seek that kind of expert knowledge because your reception room chairs can deliver to you much calmer and more receptive guests who were literally prepared to meet with you by a calming receiving room, even if they never knew that was happening to them.

The reception or waiting room for your business is the very first room your customer will see. For a first time client or guest, they may begin to form opinions about your business or hotel from what they experience in that room. You want that impression to be a good one that communicates that you run and up to date and professional organization. But it also should communicate an open feeling that is conducive to discussions and the building of partnerships. To accomplish this, your reception room chairs should be a modern design and look clean and new at all times. You don't want chairs that are showing signs of wear as that gives the message that your business or hotel is old, out of date and run down. Make sure those chairs give the impression of a business your customers want to work with. Then they will meet with you enthusiastic and ready to partner with you on the business at hand.

Along with a professional look that is clean and welcoming, your reception room chairs should be above all comfortable. If a customer has to wait there too long, say as long as an hour, you don't want the chair to cause impatience and discomfort. This is a fine line because you don't want the reception room chairs to be so comfortable that they put your guests to sleep or make it hard to get out of them. That is why deep living room style chairs might not be the best choice except in hotel lobbies where long term lounging is encouraged. Straight back chairs with top notch cushions for comfort are a good compromise because the customer can relax, read a magazine, have a cup of coffee on the table next to the chair and still be able to get out of the chair and into action when its time to come in and meet with you.

Another consideration that must always be part of planning a very public room is how to keep your reception room chairs clean. While in theory your guests will not be in those chairs for very long, there is every opportunity for the chairs to become soiled. If your guests have children or are children, food stains are common and children just seem to be walking mess factories. So the type of covering for your chair is important. A good choice is a soft vinyl that is easy to wipe clean if there is any kind of spill or other form of soiling of the chair. That also prevents stains from setting in which on a fabric based chair can make the chair look run down long before it it worn out.

By combining the practical concepts of good construction, cleanliness and durability with ergonomic consideration so your reception room chairs are well designed to fit in nicely with the decor and assist your customers and guests to relax and be at ease in your lobby or waiting room, you will have done a good job of thinking through in this important decision about your business. And when you see the outcome of a reception room that reaches out and welcomes your guests warmly and professionally, the positive impacts on your business will be far reaching as well.
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