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How To Attract And Enjoy Lucrative Joint Ventures

Aug 19, 2008
First you have to find your JV partners. Contact your competitors and have them become your affiliates. Yes, your competition can be your JV partner. Why? Customers on each of your lists will like both of your products.

Tip: Tell your JV how much money they will make, what product you're launching, and the day you're launching.

Tip: Don't email potential JV partners. They will most likely hit the delete key because they don't know you. Instead, you need to build rapport. Meet the potential joint venture partner in person through networking events, conferences, and seminars.

You can also use direct mail, such as a postcard, as a means to establish a relationship. Begin with a postcard that says you're in the same market and offer any help. This is an introduction.

A month later send them a gift basket and talk about your product. Remind them that you sent them the postcard the month before. In the gift basket give them the product launch information including the time and date of the launch.

You can try email, but you have to be careful how you do it. Everybody gets too many emails every day. This makes it impossible to respond personally to all joint venture requests. One way to set yourself apart is to offer to work for the potential joint venture partner. For example, you might read your competitor's eBook and find that it has spelling mistakes. You can contact the product creator and offer to rewrite and correct the eBook for them for free. Then in the future you can offer a joint venture. The potential partner will be more inclined to accept your JV invitation.

Tip: Have 20-30 related competitors who promote your product and be your joint venture partners. Go to clickbank to find your competitors' contact information.

Pre-seed the market to launch your product. Your joint venture partners know about product launch, but the market doesn't yet know about it. So to generate buzz for your product you can send a 'Pre-Launch Report' to the market. Have the joint venture partners send this report to their lists.

Push your JV partners after your launch. You want them to keep promoting and driving continual traffic to your website. Give your JV partners incentives such as receiving a prize for 50 sales, 100 sales, and so on.

Get your website, squeeze page, and back links ready for your pre-launch and launch. Have your squeeze page up early because JV partners will send you traffic before the launch.

You can do the 'one time offer'. Why do people do the 'one time offer'? Because it is extremely profitable. Some Internet marketers make 70% of their income from up sells.

Write follow-up Autoresponders. After people have signed up on your squeeze page and/or bought products you want to send them follow up emails. This establishes and creates a relationship. People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. For direction on what to write in your emails, analyze how other marketers write their emails.

Tip: Make sure to buy your own product so you can see what the customer has to go through. Test the process to make sure it works and is easy.
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