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Conversion Rate Trumps Website Traffic

Aug 19, 2008
Want to know the art and science of conversion rate optimization? Conversion rate optimization involves all the things you do to persuade website visitors to do the actions you want them to take from opting-in to buying your product.

It's all about getting the same traffic and making more money. If you use this technique you can double your current sales within 30 days. You can change your life and lifestyle.

Conversion ties everything together. Optimizing your conversion rate ties everything together from article marketing, generating traffic, to customers that buy. Getting traffic alone is not enough.

What is a conversion rate? The percentage of visitors who take a desired action. Action can be anything you want the website visitor to do. For example, the action may be to opt-in, click on link, stay on the page longer, and buy your products.

Conversion rate = total number of actions/number of unique visitors.

Therefore, you can use website statistics and analytics programs to find the conversion rate numbers.

Often people take the steps to drive traffic to their website, but these visitors don't end buying their products. These people then claim that Internet businesses don't work. They are wrong. They do not understand the secrets and techniques of conversion. If they know how to optimize conversion then they can turn their website traffic into cold hard cash in the form of paying customers.

Remember this law: Traffic does NOT equal money. Just because you have visitors at your website doesn't mean they will buy. You have to convert these visitors into buyers in order to make money. It seems like a logical law, but too many people focus too much on just obtaining traffic and not on converting that traffic into gold.

So how do you take the traffic you already have to your website and make more money from it? Following are strategies and tips that will help you tackle conversion based on not just theory, but robust testing.

3 possible ways to increase sales on your website:
1. Increase traffic by getting more visitors to your website. However, this is the most expensive option. You have to increase the amount of money and time invested in getting more traffic. The problem is that it is also temporary because you have to increase the amount of time or money you spend on obtaining traffic.

2. Increase the average order size. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked. This is a fast and easy way to increase sales. Increase how much a website visitor spends on your products or the frequency in which they spend money.

One way to accomplish this is to raise the price of your products. Unless you are selling something that is generic and sold everywhere, you should increase your price. People will perceive a higher price as higher quality. You will differentiate yourself from your competition. The result is that your conversion rate will increase.

3. Increase the conversion rate by getting more of your existing customers to purchase from you. This is an excellent long term option that is quick and easy to achieve. Focus on conversion tactics before you try to generate more traffic.
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