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The Next Best Thing" Won't Solve Your Internet Marketing Woes

Aug 19, 2008
As you build your Internet marketing business, at some point you have to make the decision to QUIT BUYING EVERYTHING. It is true that you will always be trying to find ways to improve your bottom line, but purchasing everything you see is not the way to build a business. This will empty your wallet, but it won't solve your problem of not making money on the Internet.

There are two main reasons why 95% of the people who start an Internet business fail to make any money at all. The first is that they don't actually work at it. If you really want this to be true, you can convince yourself that there are ways to get into a business for less than $10, do absolutely nothing, and make over $10k the first month. All you have to do is start searching for opportunities, and the promises of easy, fast, riches will soon fill your screen. For those who think this way, I have no real solution. Time and money will eventually teach you that it doesn't work this way. Until you learn that lesson, you will almost certainly fail.

The second reason why people fail to make any money, and the subject of this article, is that they get onto the slippery slope of thinking that somewhere out there is the magic bullet, the single product or company that will put it all together and start the dough rolling in. The problem with this is that it takes your attention and efforts off actually building your business, and puts it toward something else. In an experiment to see where this could lead, I played a hypothetical game. I decided that I had joined "TheGreatOpportunity," and was going to make it work. This opportunity promised "22 streams of income," and offered a start up of zero cost. Sounds good, right?

Oops. The 22 streams of income are all affiliate programs of one sort or another, and you make money with them by referring others into your group. Each one was a business of its own, requiring its own efforts. In order to make any money with any of the plans, I would have to pay something. None offered to pay me when there is no cash coming in. I could have spent in the neighborhood of $350 to $400 just getting myself in position to make some money. So much for free.

I then went to another opportunity. There all I had to do was sign up, and I got my own free replicated website ("just like this one!"). All I would need to do is get a few thousand people to visit it. No problem. Just get people to visit my site. How do I do that?

So, that left me where many new Internet marketers find themselves. Free isn't free, and getting visitors isn't as easy as it sounds. What did I do? I started thinking that if I just had some tools-- ebooks, autoresponders, software, anything-- I would get the visitors I needed. There must be a thousand people who have "The Shocking Truth," or "The Secret They Don't Want You To Know." In thirty minutes, I read eight sales pages. Each one promised to solve my problem for the Incredible Price That Won't Last Long Because I Can't Offer This Forever. I could have spent $750 to have all my problems solved and been on my way to Successville. I had purchased one of the products a year or so ago, and I went to it to refresh myself with it. I had paid $97, and inside there were "recommendations" for at least five other programs I should get to make it all work as it was designed to work. Each one of them would create more money for the product's owner.

Has this happened to you? You start a new business with great intentions, but when the money doesn't start coming as fast as you had hoped, you start spending your money on another tool, which turns out to be another business in itself. Soon, you are spending all of your time in activities that don't produce revenue. If you had spent as much time working your business as you had spent looking for ways to build it, you would be much farther ahead. Here's my advice: "dance with the one that brung you." Once you start a business, stick to it. Don't get distracted. Spend your time and money trying to build that one business. Working on a single product or a single business will always produce more results than "The Next Great Thing.
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