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Do You Do These Critical Tests In Your Business?

Aug 19, 2008
Testing is extremely important in your Internet business. It should be hammered into your head that you need to know your business numbers. If you don't know what is going on financially then you could be losing out on money.

There are 3 main types of testing:
Testing Type #1: Sequential testing which is time based testing. You make a change and see what happens. For example, try running headline A versus headline B and see what happens with your response rate. Be careful of this type of testing as it is not very reliable. It could depend on outside factors such as local and world events that are not under your control.

Testing Type #: Split Testing is when you change one variable at a time and test the response. Let's say you test your headline and guarantee at the same time. Your response went up, but you couldn't tell if it was because of your headline or your guarantee. So isolate the factors. Test just a change in the headline first and then focus on changing the guarantee.

Testing Type #3: Multivariate Testing is when you test multiple variables at the same time. This option allows you to find a combination of variables that work together versus another combination of variables. You can test quickly with this option.

Looking for testing tools to help you track your numbers? Try out the following two free testing tools:
Testing Tool #1: Google Website Optimizer. This is available in your Google AdWords account. It is easy to interpret the results and can make you a huge chunk of money. All you need to know to understand the results is that 'green' is good and 'red' is bad.

Tip: Testing doesn't always improve conversion rate. In fact, a third of the variables you test will help, 1/3 will hurt, and 1/3 won't matter.

Testing Tool #2: Google Analytics. You don't need a Google AdWords account to access this free testing tool. You will get information about your market and their behavior pattern. The key is to make intelligent decisions based on correctly interpreting the data. You can set up goals to track opt-ins and conversions among other functionality.

Tip: You can find out your return on investment using Google Analytics.

There you go, two great ways to get started on tracking your numbers.
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