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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate Through Copywriting

Aug 19, 2008
How do you improve conversion rates?
You can use persuasion. Copywriting is the central avenue for persuasion. The words you use on your website dictates what and how much your customers will buy. You need to understand the copywriting process so that you have effective copy. Either you write the copy or outsource it to copywriters that know the proper copywriting techniques.

Tip: Copywriting is not just writing, it involves audio and video.

Tip: Make sure you have strong calls to action in your copy. You should have multiple calls to action if you want a higher conversion rate. This involves how you ask for the sale and how many times you ask. This includes text buttons and links. It is critical to ask for the sale. Don't wimp out. Don't just ask once. Ask, ask, and ask again!

Half way through your sales page insert 'trial closers'. Let people have a chance to buy even before they finish reading the entire sales letter.

Focus on the customer. Your copywriting should come from their perspective, needs, and wants. Don't focus on your company. Focus on how the customer will benefit. Talk about the customer 80% of the time.

The power of persuasive headlines:
The headline is the single most important piece of copy on your landing page. For example, a stronger headline can increase the response by 1200%. Yes, the headline is that important. Five times as many people will read the headline as will read the sales letter.

Tip: The headline shouldn't sell your customer on buying the product. The purpose of the headline is to interest the customer in reading your sales letter. If your headline focuses too much on buying the product then you are putting the cart before the horse.

Tip: Try writing 100-150 different headlines before you choose 6 headlines to test.

Tip: Get multiple exposures for your message. You have to capture leads and follow up. Let's say you convert 5%. This is great, but you still have 95% of people that don't buy anything. So you need to grab this huge 95%. You need to have an opt-in squeeze page so you can get their contact information.

The components of a squeeze page:
1. Killer headline.
2. Benefit rich bullets.
3. Call to action, Tell the customer to enter their first name and email address. If you tell them exactly what to do then your conversion rate will increase.

Tip: The power of the squeeze page is not just the list you build from it. It is in the emails that you send to this list. This relationship is critical and trains your list how to respond to your offers. You want your list to trust you and then buy from you.
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