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Earn Bigger Tips From Your Customers

Aug 19, 2008
No matter what type of restaurant you work in, you can earn bigger tips. This is important because anyone in this line of work will tell you that it doesn't pay the best. In most cases well below minimum wage. Yet you can make up for it by earning large tips from your customers. Most of the people that dine out are willing to leave more for exceptional service.

If you genuinely enjoy the work you do it will show and you will earn bigger tips. Customers don't like it when it appears they are bothering the staff for things. In fact, if you can anticipate what they will need and they don't have to ask they will really appreciate it. This is one of the easiest ways to consistently earn bigger tips.

It isn't hard to implement into your routine either. For example keep an eye on the level of the drinks people have. Remove plates that they are finished with so they have more room at the table. Supply extra napkins, condiments for the foods that they order, and take the time to ask them how their meal is. Such efforts really do make a great impression.

Try to approach the table as quickly as you can after they have been seated. People tend to be impatient when they are hungry. You will earn bigger tips if you have a friendly tone and a nice smile to go with the greeting. This will make your customers feel comfortable immediately.

It is understandable during peak business hours that you will be busier. Still, you need to stay organized so you can give everyone the attention they deserve. Even if they have to wait a while for their meal they will appreciate your efforts to keep them informed. Make sure you are able to handle situations that come up as well.

If a customer isn't happy with their meal be willing to replace it. Take the time to listen to what they are telling you and then take care of it. Customers are more willing to forgive such instances if a fast and effective solution is found for it. You will earn bigger tips if you take the time to show you care about the overall dining experience of your guests.

Some people are harder than others to make happy but that occurs in any type of people oriented business. Not everyone is cut out to be a waiter or waitress. If you don't enjoy talking to people or staying busy then this may not be right for you. If you aren't happy with the position your customers will be able to tell. You will only be making small tips from them.

With the ability to earn bigger tips, you need to put some effort into it. Keep practicing until everything is natural for you. It is a big responsibility to have such a job as you are on the front line. You are representing that business and even if the food is delicious
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Patti Farnham has a great deal of experience in the hospitality business. You can get more great information from her at waitress tips. Check out her website Gratuity-Ingenuity.com to learn more on how to make bigger tips.
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