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Case Study Of A $300,000 Teleseminar

Aug 19, 2008
Think you your only option is to give away a free CD after the squeeze page? Think again. For example, let's say you don't want to give away a CD. Instead, you want to give a DVD or even a digital product. That's fine, you can offer any type of product you want. It will work as long as you have a sales letter page along with the free offer.

Having a free CD (or whatever you decide to offer), can act as a pre-salesman for you. It will set up what you talk about on the phone when you follow up with the customer.

You shouldn't substitute anything else in place of talking on the phone. Speaking with the customer on the phone is that critical. It doesn't matter what you sell, using the phone will increase your response and sales.

Case Study:
I had an opt-in page for my own teleseminar. I mailed to my own list. The subject of the teleseminar was eBay. We made $65,000 on the call.

When I do teleseminars I have a specific email schedule. For the Thursday night teleseminar I sent out an email on Tuesday at 3pm and then Thursday at 11am to remind people about the teleseminar.

On the teleseminar we were selling my workshop for $5,500.

I sent an email to my list about the teleseminar so they could sign up. This sent them to the opt-in list on my Autoresponder. The email was sent to 34,000 people. Once they opted in they went to the sales page. I had 1,362 that viewed the sales page. Of those I sold 271 CDs. That is a conversion rate of 19.89%. So I brought in $1,500 of revenue and expenses $462. So the profit was about $1,100.

Then we picked up the phone and made appointments with people. Out of 271 people we made 160 appointments. We sold 17 people, the $5,500 product. That's $93,000!

Then we sent out a postcard five days after people ordered the CD. I thanked them and then offered them a free coaching session. The 271 postcards cost me was $170.73. From the call backs we got 5 sales. So 5 x $5,500 = $27,500. So we made $27,330.27.

Since this model worked we did it again, Then we followed up by sending the email again. We made $1,003.98 - $301.02 = $702.96. Then we picked up the phone and made appointments with 92 people, but we sold 11 programs at $5,500. So we made $65,500.

Then we sent the postcard again. From this we made 3 follow up sales. Our profit from the postcard was about $16,228. Why did we do the same model again? Because it worked the first time! So the fortune is in the follow up. Repeat models that work and you will make more money.

Tip: Always make your offer. Make offers in your mailings, your postcards, and your events.

So back to the actual teleseminar itself. From that I made over $300,000. I had to split it 50-50 with the teleseminar speaker, but it was a huge amount of money.
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