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Mobile Marketing Is Hot And Growing

Aug 17, 2007
One of the newest ways to market a business opportunity, and one of the best of the new business opportunities on the market today is mobile.

Especially if your audience is ages 18-35 mobile advertising or some sort of mobile promotion product or marketing will get their attention perhaps as much as or more than an Internet campaign. People are using cell phones, blackberries and other smart phone products in ever increasing numbers, and broadcast companies, newspapers and other media are teaming up with them to help promote their own products. Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a great way to bring younger consumers to your firm, either to buy your product or service, or to become part of your business opportunity team.

According to Pyramid Research, the global mobile market has grown to over $667 billion US dollars since 2001. This represents a 15 percent increase in subscribers and an 18 percent increase in revenue. The market, Pyramid suggests, is wide open for those who want to create an alternative wireless offering as a business opportunity. The researchers determined that the increase in national wireless carriers in every country had increased considerably over the past five years, while market search decreased.

NeoMedia Technologies just recently debuted a mobile program that the Fort Myers News-Press in Florida found a promising business opportunity. NeoMedi'a patented technology can link consumers to information and product offers on the Web by way of their cell phones. The News-Press is running display advertising several times a week for a total of 13 weeks to test the mobile waters. This is the first time that a U.S. newspaper has tried the smart code method of delivering the Internet by cell phone. The ad they're testing is a coupon for 10 percent off AutoExperience.

Consumers who read the mobile message are invited to the AutoExperience Web site to download the software, although Nokia is currently the only carrier that has the Symbian Series 60 technology to allow this. This is still a solid business opportunity for the paper and the consumer no matter what cell, however, as the user can read the offer on her or his cell and go to the Web to download the coupon.

AutoExperience, previously known as NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair develops, supplies and trains in auto aftermarket products and services. The business coupon offers consumers the opportunity to use a number of its automotive preservation and rejuvenation systems and processes.

NeoMedia Technologies is a global firm offering a number of mobile marketing solutions for companies as large as sole proprietors to large corporations. Its Click to Content mobile connectivity offers the latest opportunity for businesses to deliver their message to consumers.

Many businesses now offer email delivery to a user's cell phone. For those who don't already have this smart phone capability, vendors offer a wide range of inexpensive monthly agreements, as low as $5.99 depending on carrier, and on the minimum number of messages the user would like to receive each month.

Mobile seems to be an excellent opportunity to deliver a business message to a young, or young-at-heart, consumer mark
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