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Google Has A Secret

Aug 19, 2008
Google has a secret. Let's say you search for your keyword in Google. For example, let's say you type in the keyword 'diet' into the Google search engine. You will get the top ten results for diet. These are the free listings.

You can open each of these sites in a new window. For each site, look to see if the site has Google Ads. If it has Google Ads on it then take that website address and save it into a text file. You do this because Google will ask you which websites you want to advertise on. Google will put these ads on the sites you want. This research will give you a relevant list of websites ready to submit to Google.

Next, login to your Google Adwords campaign and choose a 'Placement targeted' campaign. This changes how you pay Google. You can pay by cpm or cpc. CPM stands for 'cost per thousands'. So you will pay Google for every thousand times your ad is shown. This could be from $0.25 to $3 per thousand times your ad is shown. You end up paying only about 1/10 of what you were paying for Google Adwords before. This is a much cheaper and more effective option.

Since you are paying per 'shows' instead of clicks, it doesn't matter how many times people clicked on your ad.

Google Adwords Tip #1: Google evaluates your campaign through your Quality Score. You can find this Quality Score in your Google Adwords account. Your score can be poor, good, or great. If your quality score is poor then you should revamp your website.

Google Adwords Tip #2: You could have the greatest product in the world, but if you don't have traffic then nobody will buy it!

Google Adwords Tip #3: You can have 'expanded text ads' in Google. These come with 'CPM' campaigns. Google will take your normal ad and blow it up to the expanded version simply because you are running a CPM campaign. This is done automatically for you when you check 'CPM'.

Many people in financial markets think 3 to 5% return as excellent. Would you like a daily return of 50% to 100%? You can achieve these returns if you use these Google placement targeted techniques.
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