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Family Support Can Help Your Future Success as a Franchisee!

Aug 19, 2008
Deciding to become a franchisee and open your business is big decision to make. It will take a great deal of effort, time and money. With all other big decisions in life it is important to have a support system that will help you through. For most people this is their family, especially for those who are very tight knit with their family. Having your family to support you through the decision and process of becoming a franchisee can be great, and can actually help you step toward success rather than take leaps backwards.

Since starting your own business as a franchisee will take a deal of your effort, time and money it is important that you talk with those who it will be affecting. For example, your wife or husband, kids, or other family members you deal closely with. You will want and need their support to be successful with your new business. As we all know you and those you affect with your decisions will have to make some sacrifices whether with time or money. If your family knows upfront what those sacrifices are they can make an informed decision to support your business goals and dreams!

First of all talk with your family about the amount of effort you intend to put towards your new opportunity as a franchisee. Be realistic. If you plan to put all of your being into then tell them that. You may decide that you will put a great deal of effort into the new business but that you will still be putting big effort toward the family and the families' success as well. It will be hard but important that you balance the two so that you don't lose your family or your business.

Second, you will need to talk with them about how much time you plan to spend with the new business, including getting it started and maintaining it. Again be very realistic! If eating dinner as a family is important, you will want to make sure that you make the time for that. However the family must understand that you may not get to do everything with them all the time as they may be used to. It will be a sacrifice for both of you since they will want you there and you will want to be there. However, if they know ahead of time they will be more likely to support you through to the end!

Lastly, speak with your family about the amount of money it will take to embark on this great opportunity! Chances are you aren't made of money, so some sacrifices will have to be made in this way as well. Although if you have their support from the beginning it will make things easier as time goes. You never know your extended family may even be able to invest in your future endeavor which may also help you out a little.

Keeping close with your family and having their support will help your reach for the sky. If not you will be torn between your business and your family, and family should always take priority. So, get your families support so you can a successful franchisee!
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