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How to Select New Employees For Your New Franchise!

Aug 19, 2008
Well you are on the right track with your franchise. You have chosen which franchise you are going to open, you have selected a place for your franchise to open, and you have gotten all the financing in order for your franchise. You are about to open, but you need to find employees to work at your new franchise first! You know that you want good employees to work for you, but you don't know exactly how to select them. Well read on to find out about selecting employees for your new franchise!

Get people interested in working for you at your franchise by holding an open interview time session. This way people can walk in and be interviewed that day. Also if you have the opportunity to be a part of a career fair, this can boost your choices for new employees.

First of all take your time with this process and start early than you think you should! If you are rushed you will not usually pick the best person to fit your needs and wants for your future employee. Think of the things that you feel are important to you and the success of your future franchise business. Chances are you will look for someone with a pleasant personality with some skills that are relevant to the job you need them for.

Appearance says a lot! If a potential employee shows up to their interview looking like they just rolled out of bed, chances are they will show up worse than that for work each day. You would not want that kind of image for your franchise. Look for someone who has dressed respectfully and professionally.

Timing is critical. If the person is late for their interview, what makes you think that they will come to work on time? Your time is valuable; don't waste it on someone who doesn't care.

Ask the potential employee situational questions to see how they respond. Since you will want to provide the best customer service, these types of questions are suggested. You may ask "what would you do calm down an upset customer?" or other similar questions to gage their customer service skills.

Make sure that the person is qualified for the job that you are asking them to do. If they have never had experience handling money, then appointing them as the book keeper is not the best choice. If you have an unqualified person it will show to your customers and chances are you will lose business.

Your instincts are normally on the money. If you get a bad feeling or weird vibe from someone then nicely move on to the next candidate! Don't waste your time and money with something you know is not going to work out.

Lastly, take advantage of a background checking service. This can be a huge determining factor for employment. Many companies will not hire a person with a criminal record. Keep in mind that you want honest employees who will exceed your customer's expectations!

Start looking for new employees for your franchise today!
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