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Selling Your Own Product Online

Aug 19, 2008
The Internet has evolved into an important marketing tool for every product and service. In todays world, many people first make the decision to start an online business, then consider what items to offer through that venture. And they can take a number of approaches in doing this; the options are not limited to merchandise alone.

Merchants who choose to sell a selection of products use their websites as online catalogue and order-taking centers. Software, books and music are among the most widely bought products in online venues.

While deciding what products to offer in an online business, consider their size and weight, which will affect shipping options; the durability of the product, since fragile or perishable items also present shipping challenges; and the existing supply and demand in the market.

Rather than produce a product of their own, some business owners choose to distribute products produced by another person or company. Crafters and other artists seek such channels to sell their handmade products. Other venues for obtaining products include trade shows, wholesalers, and local businesses that seek a more extensive customer base.

Services also can be marketed online; the Internet offers a convenient, cost-effective way for service providers to tell their story, link to samples of their work, and list contact information for consumers who would seek additional facts before making a purchase decision.

In fact, information is among the top products that customers purchase online. Ebooks, white papers, special reports, and ongoing subscriptions produce far higher profit margins than product sales, since associated costs are minimal.

With any product or service, the seller must research the demand for that product or service, as well as existing suppliers before deciding what to sell. Search tools such as Google Overture and Yahoo! permit merchants to test keywords to determine how popular those search terms are. Highly searched items are likely to be big sellers, providing that a great deal of competition isn't already in place to provide that product or service.

Some website owners generate revenue without selling any particular product or service. A website devoted to providing information about a specific topic, for example, can earn income by selling ad space to merchants with related products.

Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising is similar, but instead of paying a set fee for ad space, merchants pay the affiliate a small amount for each visitor that clicks the link.

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn income through selling. Affiliates display ads or links for a merchant on their site. When visitors use the link to purchase from that merchant, the affiliate is paid a commission.

Business owners can consider many options through selling a product online. A wide variety of opportunities today make it possible for any business owner to succeed in ecommerce.
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