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Where to Find Video Game Suppliers - Answered!

Aug 19, 2008
One of the quickest way to find a video game suppliers is through online directories. You may find literally hundreds of them all over the internet letting you know they are a supplier and they are open for business. However, you should know what such easy availability means and what such easy openness usually mean for supplying sources that provide you from accessories, games and even consoles.

In the video games industry, suppliers are the ones who usually purchase video games directly from the manufacturer. When the source purchase directly, it needs to purchase in quantity in order to make a substantial profit and keep both the company and his well-being surviving and thriving. If the supplier does not acquire stock in quantities, it means less defined wholesale. If there is no big amounts of quantities acquired by supplier, he doe not save as much as buying two or more cases for examples.

For example, Joe Shapron the Gamer LLC wants a case of 12 original PS3 Blue Ray remotes. Joe Shapron companies needs to buy a case in order to save at least $11.00 from the current retail price of each PS3 remote.

But if Joe purchase individually each control will be valued at $18.99 plus shipping and handling of $3.99. Should Joe purchase from a supplier in order to save? Yes. Buying from a games suppliers will actually save him.

However, what happens if Joe Shapron The Game LLC is starting a wholesale business and cannot afford to purchase from national suppliers discount prices? Such company that is starting needs to buy individually from distributors, wholesalers and discount outlets online that sell in individual quantities. Acquiring games from video game suppliers is incredibly worth it when you have the amount of funds to invest such upfront capital in advace. However, when you are short of funds, most suppliers will be useless if you are on a low budget.

Setting your small business and having to set yourself to buy minimum quantities of $250 or more are usual standard among video game suppliers. Some might allow a lower amount and some others may strictly have higher standards for business transactions between seller and buyer; in your case you should be the dealer as they name it. Usually, a corporation name is enough for them to accept your business and to even send samples immediatly either for free or for a very minimum fee.

In the other hand, video games distributors are more flexible with the acceptance of their transactions. While some may have minimum, the great majority accept business from people who are not incorporated and are small business starting businesses in famous auction sites like eBay.

One important fact to remember is, video games distributors may require you to provide a Tax I.D depending and the other majority does not even ask for your name as the great majorty need to get their merchandise cleared to have new one arrive. Be it video game distributors or video game suppliers, make sure you get telephone numbers and make sure they accept credit cards or some type of guarantee payment that can be traced back to you.
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