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The Four Numbers You Need To Know In Your Business

Aug 19, 2008
Do you know the basics of the Internet marketing model? Here is a refresher:

The Internet marketing model:
1. Opt-In page: This is where you force people to give you their name and email.
2. Sales Letter
3. Order/Upscale page: Before the customer enters their credit card information ask them to buy other things from you.
4. Thank you/up sell page: After they buy your product ask them to buy something else. For example, Amazon.com up sells constantly. Have you seen the phrase 'People who have bought this product have also bought' on their website? Amazon up sells before and after the sale. This can bring in extra hundreds or thousands of dollars.

There are four numbers you need to know for your business. You can identify any problem in your business within five minutes by looking at these numbers.

1. Number of unique visitors
2. Opt-in page conversion - How many website visitors signed up for your list?
3. How many people went to your order page?
4. How many people actually completed their order?

Once you identified these numbers you can find bottlenecks. For example, if you don't have people vesting your order page then there is something wrong with your sales page.

The problem is that most statistics for webpages are confusing.

Let's look at the number of unique visitors you have more closely. Are you having trouble attracting website visitors? Then think about the first law of business.

Business Law #1: You must advertise your business. If you don't advertise then nobody will know about you. Think about how offline businesses get customers. They have open houses, postcards, radio spots, etc. They advertise in manners that are best suited to their business.

There are different types of advertising. It depends on your business and product. You want to engage in targeted advertising. For example, a bridal shop in Atlanta would want to advertise in a magazine in Atlanta.

Too many people think that putting up a website is enough. This is false. You need to advertise, but where? Advertise where you customers go. Most people will want to advertise in Google because it is a common search engine.

Google has three advertising segments. There are free listings, but it is difficult to show up in these free listings. Why? Google hates you! Not to be funny, but it is the truth. Google likes to change how they operate often. For example, in 2006 Google updated their search engine around the Christmas season. Companies lost billions of dollars in a mere 30 days because they were no longer listed, even though they had been listed for years.

Is it necessary to be in the top ten results in Google to make money? No! Everybody can make money even if they aren't in the top ten spot in Google.

Google Tip: You can't bank upon what you don't control. You can't control the free listings in Google.

So what can you do? You can control Google AdWords. You can control how much you spend on your advertising and placement in a listing. For example, you might sell an eBook for $20. Google Adwords says you can sell it for $0.05 per click. You have 100 clicks and 2% of people buy. 2 people times $20 (price of your book = $40. $40 - $5 on Google Adwords = profit of $35.)

By using Google AdWords you can increase the number of unique visitors to your website as well as control your advertising dollar.
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