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7 Business Success Tips Every Internet Entrepreneur Should Know

Aug 19, 2008
Confused about Google's policy on duplicate content? Want to know more about audio postcards? Read this article to find out the deal on these topics.

Business Success Tip#1: Remove the excuse! Everybody has an excuse that they use as a crutch. When you remove the excuse then it gives you the ability to be successful. For example, many people believe they have to be a technical genius to be successful online. This is an excuse!

Many of the top Internet millionaires can't even make their own website and yet they still earn millions online.

Business Success Tip #2: Another common excuse is that you don't have enough money to hire people to build your website. This is an excuse! You can find people to create a website for you, within your budget. Go to places like rentacoder and you can find a freelancer who will do this.

Business Success Tip #3: Branding is critical.

For example, you can send an audio message/audio postcard every week to your list that conveys your brand. If your list is part of a membership site then these people are paying you to receive an audio postcard each week.

What type of content should you put in your audio postcard? Just use a microphone to send an audio that answers their questions or gives valuable information. Whatever you want. The key is to brand your audio content so people attach it to you.

Business Success Tip #4: Your postcard should have a graphic. You can go to '99Designs' and other websites to hire somebody to make your postcard graphic for you at a price that is within your budget.

Business Success Tip #5: You need 'Audio Generator' to create your audio button. You need a microphone for your computer.

Business Success Tip #6: Google AdSense
It is not dead, even though many people think it is. You can make a ton of money in AdSense, especially because many people have stopped doing it.

Business Success Tip #7: Squash that rumor about duplicate content and Google. Google punished people that created duplicate websites with ads that would pay to their Google AdSense account. Then a rumor started that if you syndicate your content then Google would ban all your content. This was false. Syndicating your content is a different scenario.

Not convinced? Go to Google and they will explain what they mean by 'duplicate content'. Essentially, they get mad if duplicate content is on different pages on your own website. However, if your duplicate content is on other websites then it will not affect your Google page rank.
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