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Use Email And PDF Newsletters To Bring In Recurring Income

Aug 19, 2008
You know that membership sites are an excellent source of residual income. What types of membership sites are available? Read on to find out.

There are 7 membership site models:

1. Email model
2. PDF model
3. Audio postcard model
4. Video postcard model
5. PowerPoint model
6. Service model
7. Membership site model

All of these are different ways for anybody to earn recurring income, but yet very few people actually engage in these models. These opportunities are all around you. You need to take advantage of them.

Let's look at the first two models: Email model and PDF model:

1. EMAIL Model:
People pay you to receive information through email on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis. This is the easiest type of system to start off with. All you need is an Autoresponder.

An example would be the stock market industry. They have used this model for years. People pay $500 per month to get a daily email about what they should do in the market. People pay you for your valuable information.

You should have an opt-in page that talks about your newsletter. This opt-in page goes to a sales letter which talks about your product. Then on the Thank-you page you put in another page that asks the customer for information so they can receive your newsletter. People who sign up on this page are put on a separate Autoresponder. They will be your new email model customers.

What should these emails contain? It can contain articles, news, jokes, and any information you want to share with your customers.

You can preload your content into your Autoresponder ahead of time. So if you send weekly emails then you can preload 52 emails. Plus, you can outsource the email articles to freelancers at Elance, Rentacoder, etc. This means you don't even have to write the email.

By preloading your Autoresponder you don't have to do more work until far in the future.

2. PDF model
Same as the email model except you get to integrate pictures. Many people prefer this method because they like to look at pictures in books. Think about it. What types of books are you attracted to? Probably books that have great pictures.

Your PDF should look like a magazine. Your articles can be in color and have useful illustrations and side bars.

How do you find writers for your newsletter? Besides outsourcing to freelance jobsites, you can also contact writers that have that expertise. Let's say you want to publish a newsletter about sail boat racing. Go to the bookstore and find all the magazines about sail boats. Contact the authors of those articles and ask them if they would write for your Internet magazine. Tell them they can list their bio with the article.

Your PDF model should look like a magazine. Make it look nice and not cheap. People are accustomed to a certain look of a magazine. If it doesn't look like a magazine then you may lose customers.

The good news is that you can actually create a high end looking magazine in Microsoft Word. There are free Microsoft Word magazine templates that you can use.
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