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How To Create An Automated Website

Aug 19, 2008
What type of website can help you grow and be automated?
There are two criteria for this type of website. These criteria may seem simple, but they work.

Criteria #1: Own the medium and concept. For example, if you have a Squidoo page that makes money, but you don't own it, then you are dependent on Squidoo for your income. So you have to own the medium such as the domain name and web hosting. Therefore, you don't have to worry about Squidoo shutting down your website, and zapping your income, because you are in control of whether or not your website is up and running.

Criteria #2: Identifying your prospect and niche. You need to know who your prospects are and how to reach them. For example, find people that have a job and want to be successful online in a certain niche. It is better to have a specific niche because you will have less competition.

You've got to know your prospect. You've got to know your niche market. Otherwise, you don't know who you can add value to.

Let's look at your traffic strategy:
How does your website attract your prospects? How do you get people to come to your website? There are many sources of traffic. Traffic should be free, targeted, and long term.

Some people think that search engine traffic is not long term. This usually happens if your website is full of spam and lacks good content. Therefore, to obtain long term traffic create a website that has valuable content. This will ensure that you stay in the top free spots on Google results.

You want to build your Google Page Rank. Your page rank affects where you are placed in the Google search results. You can achieve a higher page rank by providing excellent information on your website. Articles are a great way to improve the value of the content on your website.

Are you getting search engine traffic from just one key phrase? Then you are missing out on income! You will not get rich if you rely on one key phrase for traffic. You need diversify and have many keyword phrases. Think about Tony Robbins. He uses many key phrases to attract people to his website. You need to have a long list of keywords to get traffic automatically.

What are the main keys that affect search engine rankings? There are two main factors.
1. On Page Optimization. This refers to what you do on your website. The most important thing are the keywords that you use. Optimize your keywords to earn long tail keywords.

For example, let's say that you have a website about golf. If your keyword is 'golf' then you many years down the line you will still have trouble getting to the top of the search results. Instead of using 'golf', try 'golfing on the South Carolina coast'.

2. Off Page Optimization. This is what you do outside of your website to improve your ranking in search engine. You can achieve this through back links. The more links you can get the better, especially if the links are valuable and in your niche. An easy way to get back link is to get them from social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo and Twitter.

You can also get back links from social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites include Technorati and digg.

How can you get back links from YouTube without a video?

Usually, you submit a video to YouTube that contains a link back to your website. However, you can get your link on someone else's video. Go to YouTube and search for a video that gets a lot of views. That video page will have a page rank. Take that video and paste it on your own website. When the video is played on your website, it will tell YouTube that the video is being played on your website. This will then create a back link to your website from YouTube for free.
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