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Finding Content For Your Online Business Doesn't Have To Be A Cyberspace Odessey

Aug 19, 2008
When I started my online business nearly two years ago, it was very hard to start off with because I hardly knew anything about computers and the internet. I already had a driving school business and in trying to keep up with the times, I decided to get a website for the driving school and that's how I came to realize the potential of the internet in making a living. Being a newbie, I set off on doing my research on the ways a person could make money by setting up an online business. I soon realized that it wasn't as easy as I had envisaged. One thing that I found out pretty quickly was that your site needed lots of original and fresh content. Every internet guru worth their salt was shouting from the roof tops, "CONTENT IS KING", thus starting my cyberspace odyssey to find ways to procure original and fresh content.

There are plenty of places where you can get content but unfortunately they all have their weaknesses. My cyberspace rocket first landed at the article directories. The problem I found with these was that, first of all, it took forever to find articles relating to the keywords that I was looking for relating to my online business. If I was lucky enough to find an article, there was still the problem of the content being original. As far as I was aware that same article could be on hundreds of other sites as well. I quickly deduced that the article directories were not going to be the answer to my prayers.

The next place I stopped on my cyberspace odyssey to find original content was freelance writers, who could write content for me. Although this seemed a good idea to get content for my online business but I soon realized that the cost was crippling me. Frankly I was making a pittance from my online business but I was still paying the freelance writers and a lot of the times I was simply supplied with rehashed versions of the author's previous work.

I quickly moved my cyberspace rocket on to my next stop, which was PLR articles. At first this seemed like a good stop but it also had its weak points. Keywords is an important part in the success of any online business and some of the articles that were available had keywords that were simply light years away from what I needed to put on my pages. These articles were also as original and fresh as last years snow and it took ages to tweak them to pass the search engines duplicate content penalties.

There were other little stops on my cyberspace odyssey, like writing my own articles, buying article writing software, article re-writing software, ad sense videos and online business e-books but I'm sure you want to find out quickly whether I reached my destination or not.

I had been on my cyberspace odyssey for nearly a year and by this time I was at the end of my tether and quite frankly my cyberspace rocket was running out of fuel. Then one day my cyberspace rocket almost crash landed at a site where I was offered content that was freshly written, with properly researched keywords that were very relevant for my site. All I had to do was to spend a few minutes customizing the articles to suit my needs and get around the duplicate content issues.

What we all need for our online business is great content and then back links to get you to the top of the search engines. Here was a service that not only offered me great content but also over a hundred blogs to post my articles to get back links, so that my sites would show up in the search engines when anybody was looking for these particular keywords. Even though I wanted to sign up immediately but you know what people say, if something sounds too good to be true! But something kept gnawing at my insides, what if it was true! I would be missing a great opportunity. Well it took me over a week to decide but I finally signed up.

It needed a lot of work on my part as well but I started to see the fruits of my labours within a few weeks. The money was only trickling in at the beginning but I was elated because my online business had started to finally take off. Within a few months, I had many keywords in the top ten of most of the search engines. I have been working (part-time only) with this system for about a year now and I have many web sites and a lot of my keywords are at the number one spot in the search engines. I do not think that I would have been able to achieve this level of success without the help of this system.
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This articles is written be Nim Aulakh. If you want to avoid going on a cyberspace odyssey in your search for finding content for your online business then all you need to do is Get Article Underground get your online business to a flying start.
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