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3 Reasons Why You Need To Use RSS... Now!

Aug 20, 2008
Despite the popularity of RSS technology, only about 20% of internet users actually use it. In fact, many internet users don't even know what it is or how to use it. But there are three reasons why we should expect that to change very soon. Just as many devoted "snail mail" users eventually came around to the idea of using email, many email users will probably become avid RSS users.

Three Reasons Why RSS is The Way to Go!

1. RSS Allows the Use of Embedded Audio and Video:

Let's say that you're an internet marketer who wants to send an email to established clients. You envision this email containing a YouTube-like preview that the client can click on to see your expertly-crafted video. But guess what? You can't do that with email. The best you can hope for is to include a preview image that opens up a web browser to play the video when the client clicks on it.

You may wonder why that's so bad, but just think of how much easier it would be to view the video right there in the email without being bounced around. And then remember that RSS easily and conveniently allows for embedded video and audio.

2. RSS Guarantees 100% Deliverability

If you're an internet marketer, listen up. Even if you legitimately obtain the email address of a potential client or an established client, there is only a 60% chance that they will receive an email that you send to them. That means that if you have a list of 100 emails that you've worked hard to obtain, 40 of those customers won't ever get the email. What a waste!

But RSS is different. If someone has subscribed to your RSS feed, you are guaranteed that they will receive every single message.

And the advantages aren't limited to internet marketers! Customers also win with RSS. No more whitelisting senders, and no more signing up for email lists only to find a spam box filled with old email. Once users realize how convenient and efficient RSS really is, RSS will grow by leaps and bounds.

3. RSS Means NO SPAM!

Industry analysts and internet marketers are acutely aware of the possibility that email may not be free forever, particularly for large corporations that send out significant numbers of emails. Why? The answer is spam. It's time-consuming to delete, it often contains inappropriate messages, and large corporations are often burned by it. Before you dismiss the idea that email may no longer be free, know that some email providers are already researching ways to make email like cell phones that impose a sending quota.

And won't RSS be popular then for marketers and consumer alike!

If you are one of the 80% who uses RSS feed regularly, you may be stuck for awhile checking both email and your feed reader because a few key things need to happen before RSS completely eclipses email. First, users need to be able to send messages to select RSS subscribers instead of everyone who subscribes to the RSS feed. Second, users will need to have the ability to share some identifying information with the publisher so that the publisher can send content that matches the needs of the user and can utilize RSS similarly to email.

So What Will This Look Like?

Quite honestly, it will probably look a lot like email, except that instead of publishing your message to a blog, you'll actually publish it to a private spot on the internet and to your client's RSS reader. When your client checks his feed reader, he'll see that you've posted a message to him and reads the message online or in the private space where you've published the message.

Sounds easy, right? Although RSS technology has a way to go before this is a reality, it never hurts to prepare for the possibility. If it all sounds overwhelming, consider the possibility of consulting with an SEO expert to talk about how your company can prepare for the widespread use of RSS as an alternative to email.
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