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Can Your Web Based Business Survive Without You?

Aug 20, 2008
What if you were to need major surgery on short notice? Would your internet business from home be able to cope? If you have been in the internet marketing business for a while, then you are likely already producing a sizable revenue stream without having to do anything - but if you are not, then having to take time off could be a real problem. A major surgery will necessitate somewhere between three weeks to two months recuperation time; more if there is physical therapy needed.

If you are not at that level of success which would let you quit your day job, your business is most likely still in the early stage of development. You've been putting in a lot of effort - networking, building back links, writing articles and submitting them to directories; everything which needs tot be done to make your internet business a success.

Right in the middle of all this important work, you find yourself needing an operation. You'll be recovering for as long as three months and your family don't have the technical skills to step in and keep things running in your absence. Your internet business from home seems like it's in for some trouble.

You need to prepare for these kinds of emergencies, to ensure that your internet business from home remains up and running. The biggest difficulty you could face is to be inactive. You can fall in Google rankings by as much as 30 places a week if you stay inactive! You have to have new content going up on a regular basis, even if it is not up to your usual standards.

You should write plenty of extra articles for these sorts of emergencies and keep them in an emergency file. You can subscribe to a PLR list to be able to take articles, edit them and resubmit them. It's not as good as what you could do yourself perhaps; but it's better than nothing. Show your family how to use directory submission tools and show them some of the most important article directories. If you have things properly set up, it's just a few clicks that they'll need to do.

Another way to keep your internet business from home active is blogging. You can show family or friends how to copy and paste material to a blog. You can also keep your business active by commenting on other people's blogs, building back links as you do so. However, the best way to build the back links you need to stay on top of your business is directory submissions.

These tips can help you to keep things going with your internet business from home, even if you must take time off due to illness or another emergency situation. As long as you plan ahead and prepare well, you will be able to weather the storm.
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