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Getting More Pages Indexed in the Search Engines

Aug 20, 2008
Building a decent back-link structure is not an easy thing to do, especially when most webmasters are not experts at link building which is a fundamental part of search engine optimization. In order to start this discussion lets establish one fundamental concept, if you want your wanted to get spidered then you need to have back links pointing to your website, it doesn't really matter what type of links you have acquired what matters is your off-page optimization as well as your internal linking.

Off-page optimization -- link building:

There are several ways for you to get your site indexed however, this doesn't mean that the search engines spiders will index your entire website once the home page has been indexed. Your inner pages will get indexed if you have unique content and if there are other sites, which get constantly, spidered talking about the content that you have posted your inner pages.

Having a blog is a great way to increase your chances of getting your pages and posts indexed. Blog platforms such as WordPress have been designed to be social tools in other words, a weblog was not designed to be a static website. Given the social nature of blogs it is very easy for other people to start posting links to your inner pages if you have content which is worth talking about, post your RSS feed in sites such as "feed burner" will help you get your content spidered, you may also want to consider posting it to other social sites such as "Technorati, Delicious, etc" -- in a way to just called social bookmarking.

While reciprocal links have been degraded they are definitely not dead, they can sure to help you enhance your strategy of incoming links, most of those links will allow you to get your home page indexed because most people will not accept link exchanges from the inner pages of your site.

Directory submissions are a great way to get one-way incoming links however just like reciprocals they only allow you to place a link back to your home page, it is very rare to come across web directories which allow you to place deep-links in their categories. Since directory submissions and reciprocal link exchanges are not very effective to get your inner pages crawled and indexed you need to turn to another link building method which is called article submissions.

Combining social bookmarking and article submissions is a great way to get your inner ages indexed by the major search engines in the matter of a few days and if you have a proper internal linking it is also easy for the search engines either as to come back in order to index more of your content which will in turn be served to visitors who are looking for information relevant to your site. You can also use other techniques such as press releases in order to build a steady flow of incoming links but, it is important to remember that you need to execute these strategies as a group in other words, if you only focus on social bookmarking or any article submissions then you will only be getting 50% of the benefit compared to executing both techniques at the same time.
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