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Internet Marketing Versus Information Marketing

Aug 20, 2008
Marketing is a continual process. You have to market every day. Marketing will bring in revenue on a constant basis instead of peaks and valleys.

Most people will spend time and money on their Internet business, but never get results. They will do the same things over and over and expect different results.

There are three keys to achieving success:
Success Key #1: Mindset: Change your thinking to change your life.

Success Key #2: Mastermind: Surround yourself with likeminded people that can take you to the next level. Often times, these are not your family members. Your family probably doesn't understand you and will limit you. Don't listen to them. Believe in your passion.

Success Key #3: You need a mentor. The number one method of success is when a master takes an apprentice and tells them how to do it, shows them how to do it, and then lets the apprentice do it. So don't reinvent the wheel. Become an apprentice. Learn from a master.

Now for even more exciting news,
Last year $108 billion dollars was spent on the Internet. This money all went to information products. Everything on the Internet is information even if it is in the form of a product or service.

What is information marketing? It is the business of selling information.

What is Internet marketing and how is it different from information marketing? Internet marketing is a tactic and a way to sell information. There are other tactics such as affiliate marketing. Internet marketers bundle information together.

Let's focus on information marketing. Remember the Gold Rush in the 1800's? In 1848 the US economy collapsed. During the Gold Rush, the prospectors didn't make money. The people who supplied the information, such as maps, to the prospectors were the ones that made the money.

People that sell information will make the most money. The information marketing industry is the gold rush of today. Information is sustainable and applies to any economy. You have a global presence on the Internet. So you don't have to worry about the status of the economy. You will keep earning money even as gas and food prices skyrocket.

Let's look at the customer cycle,
Customer Cycle: Suspect , Prospector , Buyer (customer)
The customer goes through your product funnel. The more they learn, the more they buy.

Tip: You want 'suspects' that are attracted to you.

Your number one goal should be to own your own product and keep all the money.
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