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Web 2.0: A Must For Internet Businesses

Aug 20, 2008
With an Internet business you can reach hundreds of thousands of people from one website. However, a lot of people in Internet business get stuck on one thing. They hit one obstacle and can't go any further. Or they keep trying to use the same methods for Internet success to no avail. They don't realize that there are a myriad of ways to run their Internet business. They have to be open to new methods if they want to be successful.

The purpose of an Internet business is to create autopilot income. It can be $5,000 or any amount of money, but it should be residual income. It should be earned automatically.

For example, you can earn residual income by focusing on doing something once then outsourcing the effort to repeat the task and earn money continually.

Marketing online has changed especially due to the Web 2.0 effect. Previously, websites were static and one-way communication. Now in the Web 2.0 environment the websites are interactive such as social communities where you can leave comments. These Web 2.0 websites also incorporate audio and video.

Think about YouTube. There are comments posted on videos. The commenter's are a community. They help others by giving their opinion on the videos.

The consumer has become savvier on the web. Plus, there is more competition online. So you can't have static webpages. You need to create an interactive environment. This has changed how you should market online. You need a new business model.

For example, a few years ago social websites weren't utilized or even thought of. In new business models they take into account the emergence of these communities. They earn money from these Web 2.0 models by utilizing the community. This had made it easier to make money online, even though there is more competition.

Think about it. In Facebook, you can acquire 'friends'. These 'friends' can act as salesman/affiliates for you. They will give referrals about your products and it is easier to market to all of your 'friends' at once. Therefore, it is easier to make money online if you take advantage of these social networks.

Let's look at your Internet business model. If you just say, 'I just want to make money online' then your business will most likely fail. Why? Because your model is vague and short term. So what should an Internet business model look like?

First of all, make sure your Internet business model strives to increase the value of your business every year. Second, your Internet business should be automated as much as possible. This automation separates your Internet business from a regular job. With a regular job you will earn money, but with an Internet business you can earn a lifestyle. The automated income you receive allows you to earn more money without extra effort.

You can generate a huge amount of income from an 'authority' site. This type of website is self contained and provides the user with vast amount of help. You create a content site in your niche site by utilizing the technology of Web 2.0.
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