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3 Money Making Strategies For Your Internet Business

Aug 20, 2008
Are you searching for more ways to monetize your website? Of course! Who isn't?

Traditionally, the website sales letter and email were used to turn website traffic into income. However, this limits your other product funnels. Plus, the sales letter is static and not part of the new Web 2.0 system. For example, if you have a Website 2.0 site then you can monetize it through other promotion programs such as email marketing and social networking.

Money making strategy #1:
The goal is to have a website that guarantees a fixed income per month. This will give you recurring income that you can count on. It provides you with flexibility and the ability to take chances on new business ventures and the growth of existing strategies.

Recurring income can be achieved through membership websites where members pay you a specific amount each month. This is their membership fee. This is guaranteed income for you without extra work.

What are examples of membership websites? Look at what you spend your money on. Are you part of a group or membership site that you pay monthly? Online dating sites, freelancing websites, business networking sites, publishing sites, and Internet marketing coaching sites are just a few examples in the online world.

Membership type of businesses have been around in the offline world forever. Health clubs and country clubs are common examples. Why not use this powerful money making strategy online? You are missing out on extra income if you don't have a membership website.

Money making strategy #2:
Another way to make money is to sell your entire website. But don't sell your website on eBay. You can, but you won't make as much money. Instead, sell your website to somebody who has a website in your niche. This person will already be interested and knowledgeable in your niche. They are more likely to make money right away instead of starting from scratch. It is a win-win situation.

Money making strategy #3:
Other ways to monetize your website:
1. Incorporate a Blog into your website. A Blog will create a personal touch.
2. Use Google AdSense.
3. Track your pages that make that most money.
4. Don't auto approve content to your website because sometimes the syndicated content may not be appropriate for your website.
5. Outsource to freelance companies. Make sure to give the freelancer's limited access to your system.
6. Use RSS feed and find/offer the most popular content.
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