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Why You Should Be Creating eBooks For Traffic and Lead Generation

Aug 20, 2008
The word on the street is that eBooks aren't worth creating and that there is no money in them. I'm not on that band wagon and within this article I am going to lay out a few reason why you should be creating eBooks to act as a lead generation tool and increast your online traffic.

Why should you create an eBook?

Firstly, if you give that eBook away people will visit your website.

Secondly, if they are coming to your website they are looking for information you might have. You are already in their mind, so if you have an eBook with the information they are looking for you're set!

I'll give you an example. I was asked to be the best man in my friend's wedding about a year ago. I was really excited but knew nothing about what I was supposed to do.

One of the things that I was doing online was scouring the Internet of things that I should be doing as a best man, because I had no clue. I was going to all kinds of websites trying to piece all this information together, when I know for a fact that had there been an eBook that basically created a step by step process of what I needed to do in order to be a best man, I would have bought it.

You may ask, how do you know you actually would have bought it? Well, I have bought other eBook which provide information that I needed to know in a step by step nature.

There were two reasons I bought those books. Number one, I was in need of the information they held. Number two, I didn't have to go searching and piece information together, this website had all the information packaged together.

Next, here's another reason why you should be creating an eBook. You can advertise your products or services within the eBook.

Just think of your products acting like a funnel, the marketing funnel. Your eBooks are used as products at the top of the funnel. As you make your way down the funnel the products increase in price.

Your eBooks are going to work as tools that will demonstrate to your costumers the value you can provide and build up trust with them so they are more willing to buy your products that are of higher price.

When people know, like and trust someone they are more likely to buy products from them, especially when they provide valuable information. An eBook is your way to show how much value you can provide.

You are creating an introductory product in which you can then introduce your other higher-priced products and services within. If people want to take the next step you have giving them the opportunity to do so.

You can advertise your other products and services making your eBook become a platform.

I want to put out a disclaimer here because you do not want to be creating an eBook that is just one big sales pitch. You want to make sure that you provide value in that eBook because you're on the line here. You're demonstrating what you can do for that client or customer.

It's like this article you are reading right now. I want all of you to purchase my other products, come to my seminar, to work closer with me. But in order to do that, I know that I've got to gain your trust and I've got to demonstrate the value of the information that I have and can provide to you.

One way I try do to that is by providing free articles, like this one and put as much information as I can so it makes you want to read more of my articles and buy my products.

I want you to take the same philosophy and apply it to your eBooks. You've got to pack as much information into that eBook as possible, without it being one big sales pitch. If people see it as being a big sales pitch, they're going to be turned off and they're less likely to do business with you.

There are many reasons why you should be creating eBook, increasing your traffic and providing you a platfrom to introduce your other products or services are just two of them.

Ideas will come to you when you explore the possibilities of creativity!
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