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Article Submission Services: How To Choose The Right Company

Aug 20, 2008
These days the mantra for modern business is marketing. Marketing plays an integral role in your end results of sales for your organiation. While you may understand the benefits, for many the process of article submission may be better left to experts, allowing you to busy yourself with other important tasks that are in the pipeline. For this reason many freelance companies are taking on the role of article submission. By outsourcing this work you can save precious time and energy for your actual business and specialist expertise. The challenge then is selecting a group to outsource to, and feeling sure that they will submit your articles resourcefully and aptly.

There are certain things you should really consider prior to making your selection of an article submission service. Firstly, take a look at the list of sites that they have recommended for your article submission. Check them initially to be sure they actually exist, and are not some site created by the outsourcing company for the purpose of false submissions. Secondly, look at the sites quality and number of visitors (tools such as Alexa and Google Toolbar can help with this). It is pointless if you have articles submitted only to discover that the site they are placed on is never even visited. Unscrupulous organizations have been known to develop sites to show the client that the article has been submitted; but the reality is that the article will never be read. Check all the sites on the list and see if they are indexed on Google. Part of the ultimate purpose of the submission is that your site will be indexed, so if your articles are on a site that is not indexed by popular search engines then not only will your article not be read, it will not lead anyone to your website and blog and so on.

As with any marketing program, the target audience needs to be recognized before making a list of sites. You need to be sure that your efforts are concentrated on submission to those sites most frequently visited by the target segment for your business. Quite simply, when you focus your submission on relevant sites then you will get more quality traffic, submit your articles to the wrong site and there will be few or no readers, hence no generation of traffic. This is where using a tool such as Alexa becomes useful. Alexa checks the traffic on each given site and likewise the sites on your list can be checked using Alexa. If the sites are indexed you will also be able to analyze the traffic of the selected sites using the Alexa tools. It is important to always keep that target segment in mind when making any posting on any website. If your posting is only likely to be viewed by people who do not have any interest in the topic, then chances are they are not going to read the posted material, hence you are unlikely to benefit with any traffic for your efforts.

Be aware that certain sites will not take articles if they are submitted to them by software. With so many spamming problems, this is more a precautionary step taken by many good quality sites these days. As the individual submission step ensures that there can be a limited or lesser number of submissions made, sites are therefore only taking copy submitted in this manner. An additional tip is to check if the article submission company proof reads your articles. It is very important to have error free articles, as mistakes do reflect upon you. When you are checking your own work it is always much easier to miss mistakes because you anticipate what should be there. No matter how many re readings a writer gives to the article, it is always better to have the articles edited by another party.

Any good company will always prioritize the search engine optimization of your articles. Making the articles search engine friendly ensures that the moment any related keywords are entered your article will show up in the first few. Always avoid spamming, focusing on maintaining an optimum level of submission as an ongoing project. Flooding the internet with loads of articles may in fact be counter productive and risk your site being blacklisted by Google. Choose your article submission service carefully and with a view to a long term effort on both sides. Consistency and ongoing initiative is the best way to go, so select a quality provider that will work on the bigger picture for you, not simply take the money and run!
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