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Best Ways to Generate B2B leads

Aug 20, 2008
When two companies who are alike in their business objectives work together the outcome is B2B or Business-to-Business lead generation. When the products and services of one company is required to do business by the second company, the two companies are said to be conforming to each other's needs. This is perhaps the most predominant feature of Business-to-Business lead generation. The value of B2B sales is critical for a healthy bottom line for the company.

Take the example of people engaged in manufacturing something. Someone making personal computers would need parts and spares for assembling the computer. Now obviously you would not be manufacturing each and every part yourself, so you need to buy those parts from a company that manufactures them. It makes good business sense if you maintain long term relationships with companies who manufacture the parts. This helps you in going for specific custom-made parts and the supplier is also pleased to have continuous business coming from you. Now look at the business from another perspective, that of the manufacturer of parts. If you were one, you would be running a profitable enterprise if you established a mutually agreeable business contract with companies who require parts made by you.

Business-to-business lead generation is increasingly being recognized for its importance and steadily growing influence. There are several ways this could be done ? for example the way it was once done was telemarketing and direct mailing, despite its limitations but the more commonly used areas are ads in trade journals or trade shows. Two companies in tune with each other's operations usually form mutually beneficial partnerships in these trade shows. A professionally executed presentation which informs as well as entertains would go a long way in generating vital leads which could result in profitable business opportunities. Over and above the presentation the way the trade show has come up also has a lot to do with it. A badly attended trade show or one that has the wrong people would be a complete waste of time and resources.

You could even consider opting for advertising in trade journals for quick B2B lead generation since these magazines are popular with the industry junta. This is the right way to attract the target audience. This makes trade publications a much better alternative to radio and newspapers.

The internet is known for its spread as well as the kind of influence it has, so it could also offer you great openings for B2B lead generation. The process of online lead generation uses various internet based techniques like direct marketing, search marketing and banners among others. The upward trend of the current market which stands at .3 billion, could go over billion by 2008.
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