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Avoid Becoming A Social Outcast, When First You Start MLM...

Aug 20, 2008
When you start chasing prospects to join your recently discovered Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Internet Marketing program, you reduce your chances of success by at least 75%, simply because of the chasing.

When you start chasing prospects to join the Internet Marketing program you've been working on for the last year or so, you reduce your chances of success by, at least, 95%. Why 95%? The answer to that one is, because you've almost had it. But, you are something of a hero for getting that far. Fortitude, however, is not enough.

Why did it not work? Where did it go wrong? The answer to that is probably that your up-line leader, mentor, guide and teacher knows nothing of the subject or is out of date.

Let's examine a few often recommended myths:

1, An 0800 # is mandatory. Wrong!
2, Use a three way call with yourintroducer.Wrong!
3, Success is in the follow-up. Wrong!
4, Start by approaching your warm list. Wrong!
5, Buy only premium leads. Wrong!

There are plenty more but that is enough to raise the curiosity levels.

1, An 0800 # is mandatory. Wrong!

People who will only use 0800 numbers are the last ones you want. ("It makes it easier for my prospects to call me" or "Some of my prospects don't like to call long distance".) They are cheapskates who think they are doing you a favour! Why would you send information to those types of people, let alone cater for them?

If you've got something good why are you paying for them to talk to you? You will be giving the impression that you're desperate for business. How far do you think that will get you?

2, Use a three way call with your introducer. Wrong!

Now they will know that they're dealing with somebody that doesn't know what they are talking about. You're telling them how great your opportunity is while presenting yourself as somebody who knows nothing! There are better ways to handle this.

3, Success is in the follow-up. Wrong!

If you don't follow up, there is still a good chance they will get back to you, if you phone them giving the impression that you need your prospect more than they need you, you are finished. There are better ways to handle this one too.

4, Start by approaching your warm list. Wrong!

This of course brings us back to the title of this article. When you start a new business and tell your friends, plenty of whom know each other, how much money you're going to make; you're on very dangerous ground.

To your friends and acquaintances who know perfectly well that you've just lost your job or you're short of money or need a bigger house or you've just had twins or what ever, you're going to make a fool of yourself.

If your up-line tells you to do this, it doesn't say much for them; if you're the up-line, advising others, it doesn't say much for you either, does it?

Now, when you've been working at your program efficiently and things are looking up for you, because you took the trouble to find out how to do it properly. Do you think this would be a better time to recruit your friends; do you think they might have reason to approach you?

5, Only buy premium opportunity leads. Wrong!

One of the biggest killers of all! This is a good way to wreck your finances at high speed. Some of these brokers will sell you any thing to get your money, in fairness some of them are honest but do we need them? The answer to that is a 100% NO. There are better ways to handle this one too.

In fact, using those dated MLM tactics is like trying to fill a leaking bucket.

Here's why:

If you follow the old MLM dogma of cold-calling prospects, handing out CDs', and spending all your money on opportunity and premium leads you're almost guaranteed to lose most of your people to competing distributors who know better.

This means you'll be forced to recruit every day for the lifespan of your business just to combat the constant attrition that will plague your organization.

The old ways worked great when people stayed in and purchased products every month for years at a time, allowing you to build a large, profitable organization.
But, in today's crazy online world, the average marketer stays for 2 or 3 months, allowing no time for you to recoup your marketing costs.

Most people spend all their money and time calling over-priced leads, ending up talking to some guy who's really looking for a J-O-B. Others jump from company to company hoping this one will be the one that really works out. But the richest and savviest distributors don't do ANY of those things.

We do not cold-call leads. We do not show the plan to everything that breathes. Know this:

1, The old school sales routine of cold-calling leads, holding meetings, knocking on doors and trying to "convince" people to look at your opportunity is DEAD.

2, The fastest and easiest way to make money in MLM today is simply to position yourself so that only the hottest, most qualified prospects come to you.

And no matter what all the other MLM "gurus" say about contacting your family, friends and neighbours, attending meetings or cold-calling leads. The two points stated above are the only truths you can absolutely count on in network marketing today.
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