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5 White Hot Tips to Get Your Article Read

Aug 20, 2008
People use article marketing for many reasons. They may want to create backlinks to other sites or pages, they may want to lead people to an affiliate page, they may want to just drive traffic to a site.

All of these reasons are perfect for article marketing. All of those things happen when someone reads your resource box. The resource box is located at the bottom of your article which means people have to read to the bottom of your article.

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep the reader interested, and clicking on your resource box links.

1. Use short paragraphs. Reading online can be tough on the eyes. People will not read when there are large blocks of text. This is not English class, go ahead and break up large blocks of thought into smaller paragraphs. It makes it easier on the reader's eyes and will keep them reading.

2. Use a great title. This should have been number one. Because it's the first thing that people see, it is the first thing that draws them in to your article. With a bad title no one will read. Try to use titles that talk about the benefits you are offering, 5 hot tips, 10 great strategies. Use numbers, people feel they are getting value when they see how much they are getting.

3. Use sub headings and bold. This goes along with the small paragraphs. Most people online only skim. When you use sub headings and bold in your articles it allows people to quickly skim, but still get the point of what you are saying.

4. Use numbered lists and bullet points. This helps you to get the reader's attention and keep it. No one can help read through a list. If your content is somewhat interesting you will keep the readers interest by using lists and bullet points. This also allows them to quickly skim, and helps alleviate eye strain.

5. Use specific facts and figures when called for. If you have to use numbers in your article make sure they are specific. Don't use vague facts or figures. It will not create trust between you and your reader. If your reader doesn't trust the information you are providing they are not likely to click through to your page.

As you can see there are some basic points you want to keep in mind when writing articles. Make it easy for your reader to skim, easy on the eyes and keep it honest and informative.

These skills alone will help you get your articles read completely and help increase your clicks in your resource box.
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