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Using Salehoo for Drop Shipping

Aug 20, 2008
If you are an online seller who is pursuing your retail business on the Internet seriously, it is highly likely that you have looked into drop shipping and the possible options that you may have in using it to enhance your online business. That is because using drop shipping can significantly add up to your savings as well as widen your profit margin.

How can drop shipping help you do that? Basically, what the process of drop shipping does is to make you a true middleman between the supplier of the product and the customer who buys it. It is not necessary for you to keep stock or an inventory of the products you are selling. All you need to do is to provide a listing of the products you are pushing and do some promotion so customers can bite.

Once the customers bite and make orders, you just make your own orders to the supplier and have them ship the product to the address of your customer. You pay at wholesale while your customer pays the retail price you have set. The difference becomes your profit.

There are numerous websites out there that act as resources on drop shipping, and one of the more popular ones is called Salehoo. Salehoo is a members-only wholesale directory and drop shipping resource. With more than 50,000 members and almost 6,000 suppliers listed in its wholesale directory, Salehoo is considered to be one of the best.

What Makes Salehoo One of the Best?

So, what makes Salehoo one of the best drop shipping resources on the Internet today, and why should you do your drop shipping with them? It was mentioned above that Salehoo is a members-only wholesale directory, and the benefits that members get are simply remarkable. Here is a brief overview of what services members get from Salehoo.

- Salehoo is primarily a wholesale directory, so it has a list of suppliers of various products that its members can sell. The range of this list is extensive, with nearly 6,000 suppliers on a wide variety of products, including clothing, computers, books, antiques, health and beauty products, gadgets, jewelry and many others. This variety provides Salehoo members with more choices on what to sell.

- Salehoo continually does research on the products the suppliers listed on its directory provide. The product research that Salehoo conducts allows the members of Salehoo to make more intelligent choices and ensures them that what they are getting is a really good deal.

- An education section exists on the Salehoo website. This education section acts as a guide for members who know nothing about drop shipping. Topics included in the education section are: doing business on eBay, setting up shop, deciding what products to sell and from which suppliers, and how to avoid being scammed.

- Whatever the education section of the Salehoo website lacks, it makes up with having a very active community forum. This is the place where Salehoo members get together to exchange opinions and views on drop shipping. This is also the place where members who had a bad experience with a supplier can sound off and warn other members.

Salehoo does a good job of being a wholesale directory and a drop shipping resource. There are plenty of reasons why it is the best, and it is worth checking out.
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