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Tips On Building Online Traffic

Aug 20, 2008
Okay so you have a brilliant web site. You are a treasure house in the field of your expertise. You have placed your knowledge in your website. You have a great product and now you want to utilize the web media to advertise and launch it. Unfortunately though, after you have launched your website with much fan fare, there does not seem to be enough traffic to it. Not many people are coming to your website and your online business is not paying as much as you thought it would.

Let's look at some useful tips to ensure building up some online traffic for your website:

Utilize forums to the fullest extent. If you have a Facebook account, if LikedIN excites you, if myspace is where you hang out the most, then advertise your website there. This is called social media marketing. Mail your friends, acquaintances, the yahoogroups that you are a part of or the web communities about your website. This will at least ensure first time hits.

Use the internet news forums like Yahoo News or Google news to publish press releases of your website. This is guaranteed to grab the attention of many.

Keywords - there is no way we can stress the importance of keywords any further. For a website to be popular and survive the daily onslaught of latest and new websites, you must have the appropriate keywords in the content of your website. In this era of search engine optimization, the better your keywords are more are the chances of your getting regular traffic.

Although your target is generating traffic for sales and generating revenue, there is no alternative to telling the truth. Honesty, believe it or not, is still the best policy. Tell your buyers and visitors the truth - do not fool them, do not use flowery offers and language to convince them - some day or the other they will see through that. So keep it simple and honest, people will keep visiting your blog because they know that they have reliable and quality information in your website.

Do not sell your product or website as if it is meant only for sale. Use a catchy headline - make your reader think and ponder over the headline - make them interested in the headline of your advertisement.

You may use different marketing tactics to get traffic to your website but the concern is that the traffic should not just be quantity but quality as well. You may have 100 visitors every day, but only 5 may generate actual sale. So you must employ the correct marketing strategy based on your product or content in order to build the traffic flow to your website. If it is a product that you are selling then may be a click-per-banner marketing strategy may come handy. If you are selling content then may be content marketing will generate more quality traffic for your website.

There is no alternative to testing and researching the various traffic sources before deciding on the channel that best suits your needs.
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