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Marketing Any Business on MySpace

Aug 20, 2008
MySpace is now, and has been for some time, the hottest trend when it comes to social networking endeavors online for businesses. This international website plays host to millions of individuals! With that many people accessing the website, it only makes sense to take advantage of accessing those people. Best of all, it can be done for FREE! Numerous businesses have taken advantage of the features and services that MySpace offers for their marketing efforts. You should too! Here, you will learn about marketing your business on MySpace.

Beginning Your Marketing on MySpace

MySpace is a simple solution for marketing - whether you are marketing yourself or your corporation. It is relatively easy to get started with this social networking website, and absolutely free! All you have to do is click the "sign up" button, and fill out the information that is required, and suddenly, you have your own space on MySpace! Once you get your account set up, it is time to make a few friends! While it is a good thing to contact everyone you know and add them as friends, it is even more important to ensure that you find some people online that you do not know. This is what networking is all about - finding as many people as possible when it comes to contacts.

It is essential to understand that there are a number of people on MySpace that may fit into the "market" that you need to achieve success in your business. In the same respect, there are many other individuals that do not fit into your market. The idea is to locate those that you feel are a good match for the products and services that your business offers. The best strategy to identify your market is to research the groups that have been created on MySpace. These groups are areas within the MySpace server that look to congregate with other members of this social networking website that have interests that are similar.

When researching groups, you may find that there are some limitations when it comes to your target audience. There is a work around solution for this; create your own group! Once you have your group up and running, there is forum feature on MySpace where you can announce the creation of your group to individuals around the world! This group and forum can be a potential gold mine when it comes to create a network of friends that may potentially become customers down the road! Remember; try to avoid the whole "advertising" persona while working to recruit others. Many have the mindset that groups and members that advertise will "spam" them - no one wants that.

Once you start interacting with individuals on MySpace for the intent of marketing your business, you will find that it is best to be more informative than one of those people who push for advertising and for a sale. By identifying needs of the individuals that you work with, you will be able to establish creative approaches on how you can assist them with their needs. It will take a lot of creativity, but the secret is to establish yourself as a "friend", as well as an "expert" in your field. Offering free information, free advice, free products, and even free programs can be a creative approach to luring individuals in to what you are marketing.


If you want to market your business online, the best thing that you can do is to create a positive image of yourself on MySpace. Interact with others, socialize, offer valuable information - become a leading presence in the community. Remember, every interaction that you have on MySpace does not have to be professional. Find a group of a hobby that you have that is not work related, but could be used to encourage others to learn more about your products and services. Jump in there, and have a good time. You must be respected and trusted before you can transition from a friend to a business. If you follow the steps listed here, marketing your business on MySpace will be a breeze!
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Sean Derfield is a bar owner, and online marketer. He has many sites that deal with bringing more business thru your doors. Some of his sites include http://www.myfriendbuilder.com http://www.faxatize.com http://www.textatize.com
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