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What You Should Know About Pre-employment Tests

Aug 20, 2008
Competency Skills

Tests are prepared to help assess the competency of a job candidate. The organization wants to assess many different aspects of your skills and personality. Assessment tools have no set pattern of correct or incorrect responses.

Your responses should be truthful and honest. Eventually, it will be a question of whether or not you match what they are looking for.

Adhering To Norms

You should be serious about taking an assessment test. Do not take it lightly or disregard its importance. The dress code for interviewees should be formal and not casual.

Employment Tests

No one is exempt from these types of tests, no matter what your educational level may be. Evaluation and assessment only gets more difficult as you climb the corporate ladder.

The purpose behind personality assessments is to gauge how well the candidate fits in with the organization's business culture. This is essential for top-level candidates upon whose shoulders much responsibility will lie.

The organization has much more to lose if mistakes are made at this level.

Showing Displeasure

Many senior candidates disregard the need for testing and view it as an unnecessary part of the employment process. This attitude will only hurt their career efforts in the long run.

Complaining needlessly will only reflect poorly on you and hinder your opportunities for advancement within the organization.

You Can Benefit

Pre-employment tests are very accurately constructed and formulated. The tests are planned according to the position that you are applying for.

It needs to be taken seriously and the questions answered honestly, in order to give the employer an accurate assessment about you.

Scheduling Yourself

There is no harm in asking how long your test will take you so that you can schedule yourself for that amount of time. Pre-employment tests can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete.

Assessments can be either oral or written. They may be administered by your direct supervisor or by an independent organization. In some cases, these tests are conducted online when the job is in a different location than the one you are in.

Sometimes a test may be conducted over the phone. Remember to never interrupt the assessor while he is speaking. When you have completed the first round of the interviews, you may be required to complete the next stage in the form of an online assessment.

Becoming Familiar With Tests

It is worth familiarizing yourself with employment or assessment tests that are conducted for employees. These can be found on the Internet.

With practice, you will begin to feel more comfortable with such tests whenever you are asked to take one.

A Test is Not the Final Deciding Factor

If you have performed well in an interview, but have not done too well on the assessment test, it may not count against you.

Sometimes interviewer is not looking for perfect answers. They may be looking for individuals that answer honestly - and that may count for more than giving the "right" answers.

It is important to remember to learn from each experience. Each test and every interview is an opportunity to learn something new.
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