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Aug 20, 2008
OK, you want to build a solid profitable internet business you can run from home or anywhere you choose. It is totally do-able and you can do it. If you are sitting there thinking I am just not getting it, stop right now. You will get it and it is easier than you think.

These 10 steps work for any product or service you want to market. The basics are the basics and you have to master each one of them. Then you will put your creativity and personal touch into your business. Remember you are building a business, not a hobby. Businesses make money, hobbies cost money. To build an internet business that is solid, (profitable for the long term) you need the right tools. Whatever you do, do not cheap out and use free software. There is a reason it is free. Just remember what you paid for the free stuff, because that is probably what it is worth.

Now we know you may have purchased some plans or systems which we call a Business in a Box. Most do not work and the others allow you to pay to promote and market someone elses business. Yes almost every beginner/newbie has spent hundreds of dollars on the business in a box. We have all done it so cheer up. You are on the right track. Here is the bright side, its tax deductable at the end of the year.

So let us get to the 10 steps. These are the correct basics which every successful internet marketing business has done. Now each step has its own nuances and rules, but for right now you do not need to worry about that. You are going to take each one of these one step at a time. You will master them all and be in a business that can never fail, be out sourced, taken away from you, down sized or anything else.

There is a simple way to master each of these.

1. Market Niche: What are you going to market? It does not matter what you market, but you have to do your research first. Throw out the Guru advice of market what you love to do. What if your hobby is worm farming? I doubt you will get rich on that. Research your business first.

2. Select Your Product or Service: Research is done, know how to acquire the products or services. The reality is to start with other peoples products. It does not matter if they are digital or non digital, do not use your own at first.

3. Domain Name: Now pick your domain name. Make sure it relates to your niche or products. Do not confuse people. I know, what the heck is a Google and what the heck is a Yahoo. Good point, but they took a chance when they started. Those two examples overcame the confusion and out right snide remarks at first. Those products were timely and great. You can not take that chance

4. Website Building: You have to be able to build websites, period. Just remember you do not need to know HTML. Out sourcing, (someone else building your sites) will not work for two reasons. First, it is expensive. You will probably end up with 10 or more sites that need updating and monitoring. Now the big guys have in house webmasters to handle that, but the overhead would kill you right now. Second, outsourcing for building, updating and monitoring takes weeks for each. Forget about it.

5. Hosting: Pick your hosting company carefully. This is important, whatever you do, don't choose a free one and do not use their website templates. Purchase plenty of data transfer and make sure they equip you with a full suite of statistics.

Remember, we show you the best tools in each of these categories.

6. SEO: Does anybody call this Search Engine Optimization any more. It is just SEO. This is very important. You flat out can not get ranked on any search engine without it. Well, you can but being on the 200th page of a search does not do much for you. SEO is evolving and you need professional help.

7. Auto Responder: No internet marketer even thinks about building a business without an auto responder. You need to look for unlimited lists, Email campaigns and all the statistics you can get for tracking. Use companies that specialize in what they do.

8. List Building: The money is in the list. Every visitor to your site can be turned into a paying customer. Even if they do not buy the first time you, can Email market back to them over and over again. They know who you are and the conversion rate goes up with each contact.

9. Organic Marketing: This is the best way to build your business. OK you probably have read about Adwords and PPC. Do not even think about these yet. Unless you have fine turned your sales system, sales copy and know your conversion rate, you will get into trouble. What kind of trouble? The worst kind, you will lose money.

10. Ecommerce: This part of the business use to be a pain in the but! Its not any more. Matter of fact it is probably the easiest part. The Ecommerce providers do everything for you. We're talking customer shopping carts, full secure transaction handling. The best will take a small percentage of each transaction but its well worth it.

Well there you go the basics of any internet marketing business. You will need to master each one of them. I know some of the other guys in this business and believe me you are as smart as they are. The only reason they are making a good living at this and you are not is because they have mastered the basics. You can to.
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