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Top 2 MIstakes Every New Article Marketer Should Avoid

Aug 20, 2008
Whether you are a writer or not, if you are an internet marketer you are going to have to figure out how to write some articles so you can do some article marketing. It is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, and can help you in many ways in your pursuit of making money online.

There are plenty of tools around that will help you make distributing your article much easier, but before you get to distribution you have to make sure you are writing articles that will get read.

There are three common mistakes most people new to article marketing make. If you can avoid these mistakes you will be well on your way to being a successful article marketer.

1. Confusing why you are writing the article with why you are promoting it.

There are three key benefits to promoting articles you have written. You can brand yourself, get free leads, and you can promote your site or affiliate site.
When you are writing an article there is only one reason. You write articles solely to provide good information to the reader. If you begin writing your article thinking about why you are promoting you will find it reads like a piece of promotional material. If you write it from the point of view of providing information to your reader you will have much more success.

2. Failure to maximize the marketing potential of every article.

You may already know you can generate backlinks with the use of article marketing. Hopefully you are aware the more backlinks you have to a site the better your search engine positioning will be.

Many times people go into article writing not really caring about the content of the article, just concerned with getting their two links in the resource box. This is a mistake. If you fail to write quality content you cut yourself short on not only broadening your audience, but building your backlinks. Good content encourages publishers to republish your article. It only takes being published in one ezine with a huge audience to skyrocket your page views, and have people blogging about you, thereby giving you more backlinks.

Many people also fail to use targeted keywords in their articles. Using keywords, especially keywords that are high traffic, low competition will increase the chances of your article showing up at the top of google, giving you more and more traffic.

Be careful not to overuse your keywords. Some article directories will not publish articles with the keywords in them too often.

If you make sure you write with your reader in mind, and maximize your potential for each and every article you will find your articles are accepted without question at article directories, your site will build backlinks, and you will begin to see traffic.
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