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Using Autoresponder Software For Follow-Up Success

Aug 20, 2008
It's well known that only a tiny percentage of your web site visitors will buy from you on their first (and possibly only) visit to your web site. The vast majority of your prospects simply forget about you and your web site and never return.

Can you imagine just how much money you are losing by not having a way to keep in touch with those people? That money is probably going right into the pockets of your competitors. But that money could be going into your pocket, not theirs - after all, these are your hot prospects!

But there's worse to come...

Not only is this "prospect drain" losing you sales and killing your profits, but it's actually costing you money too. Attracting quality traffic to your web site costs money.

Isn't it crazy that you spend your hard-earned dollars getting targeted prospects to visit your web site, only to miss the chance to convert them into a paying customer? Do you really want to watch them sail off into the distance, never to return? It's simply madness!

You might as well burn the money you spend on getting them there.

The solution is so easy, you'll laugh.

Imagine you have a simple solution that allows you to contact these "hot prospects". As often as you want. Forever!

You'll no longer be lying awake at night, hoping potential customers remember your web site and return to buy. Instead, you'll be sleeping easy, knowing that you're doing all you can to turn every site visitor into a loyal paying customer.

So what do you need to do? It's simple really - just ask your prospects for their...

- First name
- Last name
- Email address

Now, how difficult is that? (Er, it's not!)

As soon as a prospect has given you this information, a whole world of sales opportunity opens up for you. You can:

- Immediately and automatically send more information about your product or service - information that arrives in their email inbox, that they can read at their leisure (or even print it out).

- Repeatedly and automatically send follow-up messages to your prospect, providing more information about your offer, answering their concerns, giving more and more reasons why your offer is right for them.

It's well known in marketing circles that sales of a product increase when prospects are exposed to its benefits multiple times. The actual number of exposures needed varies by product and price but 5 to 10 is about average.

And whether your prospect chooses to buy your original offer or not, you can:

- Give your monthly profits a REGULAR boost by continuing to send information on your promotions, specials and current offers whenever you want.

- Build long-term trust and credibility by sending useful, interesting and informative content, maybe in the format of a newsletter, ezine, email course or ebook.

- Generate immediate sales by sending time-limited offers that expire within a few hours or days.

- Turn your original "lost prospect" into a valuable lifetime customer.

It's called follow-up marketing!

...and in order to convert your sluggish web site into a finely-tuned, automatic, profit generating machine you simply must make follow-up marketing central to your online activities. With the right tools, it's not difficult.
About the Author
Since 2000, Neil Morgan has been a successful marketer and software developer in the competitive field of Internet Marketing. To learn more about follow-up autoresponders and opt-in email marketing visit http://www.AutoResponsePlus.com where a free email-based course is available.
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