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Take a Second Look at MLM

Aug 20, 2008
Everyone is familiar with the Direct Sales Business Model. Who didnt know the Avon Lady down the street, or try on her first makeup at a Mary Kay Party? Pampered Chef and Tastefully Simple Catalogues abound at my office and, Im sure, in many others.

I flip through those catalogues as I'm heating up my lunch in the breakroom, and I wonder, "How is Direct Sales working out for these people?" Are they loving their jobs and bringing in a large income, or are they discouraged by the amount of "no's" they receive?

Traditionally, there was only one kind of person who could succeed at direct sales. You know the type: a born salesperson, extremely forward, charismatic and more than slightly pushy. Anyone who didn't possess those characteristics in exactly the right order and quantities failed, failed quickly, and more importantly, failed with a grudge against mlm's of all kinds.

Everyone likes the idea of earning money from home, and everyone likes to think about being the boss of their own business, who can decide on their own schedule and earnings. These things are possible through network marketing, but many don't even know it. What a shame that the good features associated with mlm companies are hidden by stigmas from the past!

MLM can be a wonderful source of residual income, if it is gone about from the right angle. It doesn't have to take a pushy, stereotypical salesperson anymore, either. Advances in technology have opened up new ways to market business opportunities and products that are unrecognizable from past tactics.

Internet marketing is a wonderful breakthrough for network marketers. Rather than pursuing prospects, they can now attract them, using informative web content, e-newsletters and on-going trainings. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, because the marketer is providing the prospect with things that he or she is already interested in or in need of. Additionally, Marketers can now reach larger and more diverse groups that never would have been possible to reach in the days before the Internet.

That makes the idea of prospecting in your cul-de-sac neighborhood seem asinine, doesn't it? That's because your neighborhood, your local grocery store, your office, or even your whole town, are ultimately limited markets. You may make income, but it won't be residual income. Your home business will eventually reach a plateau.

The Internet creates a global market with an endless stream of prospects and income potential. Distributors do not have to spend their time chasing down prospects and pestering their friends with this new mode of network marketing, because they are attracting leads who are already interested. The Internet is geared toward seekers. That's why you will see a "search" engine box on nearly every page on the Internet. Those who find your home based business on the web will do so because it is the answer they have been searching for!

That means your work is almost done by the time the interaction even begins! You have become a sought-after commodity. The choice is now truly yours who you want to work with and how much money you want to make. Once established, this state of being sought-after multiplies itself exponentially. Everyone wants to be friends with the popular kid! Everyone wants to buy name brand! It's written into the Law of Attraction.

Another plus of this system is that network marketers are able to earn money while they get their businesses started. They can do this by selling advertising space on their website, or by partnering with a similar company to promote their products for a commission. While getting their MLM off the ground, they need not pay for advertising, because there are many avenues for free advertising, like YouTube and EzineArticles. The business marketing can fund itself, so that the distributors are not desperate or disheartened.

That's a far cry from the sales reps of our mothers' day, far from the indignity being turned down repeatedly by prospects! Network marketers today are Consultants, respected authorities in their fields, and they're earning residual income simply by leveraging the Internet. Take a fresh look at network marketing. You'll be glad you did.
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