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Aug 21, 2008
People are reading this article because they look for a good web hosting service. And naturally you would like to receive the best agreement, which you can work with. A web hosting service is a big decision, which will have lasting effects, because you can use it, in order to support your business long into the future.

Today's modern PHP web host site is quite cheap and yet can still offer benefits to satisfy a customer.

Some important points will follow later but knowing a small amount about PHP would be good. There is no doubt PHP is a popular language, used for programming and capable of being placed into HTML. Some of the reasons for its popularity can be seen here:

a. It is available for free

b. It is simple to work and operate.

c. It should be viewed as a fully object orientated language.

d. It is not tied to one platform.

e. It has a rapid pace on the Linux server and this can be used effectively in utilizing and constructing complex web applications.

f. It allows advanced programming and is very easy to integrate with web pages.

g. MySQL is a program that is able to be integrated well with PHP

In order to choose a PHP web hosting service, you need to take a number of factors into account. First of all it is not all that easy to get a satisfactory PHP web hosting service. Most of the web-hosting companies are in the business for a quick buck. They don't really care about the service, so situations like your PHP domain hosting being down for 2-3 days, and you not being able to do anything about it, because no support was available, are quite frequent. Most people go through a long trial and error process, before they find the right PHP web hosting solution. This is because the best web hosting companies are usually not very well known.

The above facts may present a daunting picture, where selecting the right PHP web hosting service provider is concerned. But there are some tips following which one can land up with the right solution very easily.

A good PHP web hosting company will provide the following features:

a. Technical Stuff: It will provide you with all the technical applications you may need, like MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Cron, CGI etc. You may not know what all these mean, or what they are used for, but that's all right, its good to have these stuff, as you may require them in future.

b. Bandwidth. This factor will determine how many visitors you can have on your site and 75GB is a very fair amount to have.

c. Cost: Free does not always equal to good service quality, and 'cheap' does not automatically mean that, you have to make do with inferior service. A good price would be around $10 per month, which provides you with satisfying service.

d. Web Statistics: Getting accurate web statistics like the amount of traffic your web site is getting, and the sites that are linking to you, are information that you need to have.

e. Script installers for PHP web hosting. It is vital to be aware of these and include them in any search you undertake. An installation pack should be obtained for free from your provider. Do not trust providers that ask for a fee for this service.

Next up are PHP host sites who offer free products and services. The price may seem great but there are sown points to them. As firms need to make money to survive, how can a company with no revenue stream last long? To bring money in, many offer advertisements to companies and place them on their users' sites. These advertisements can be placed in the following formats

a. Banners

b. Pop-up ads

c. Frames including advertisements

The web site owner would have no control over these advertisements. This would clearly be a bad situation for a great number of firms to be in. Anecdotal evidence tells of the time one firm had advertisements for a rival product appearing on their site and this is not good. Unfortunately, as the service is free, there is not much that can be done to complain about it.

It is also true to say that free sites quite often crash. If the host caters for a great number of sites, this is likely to occur.

Furthermore PHP web site hosting companies, that are offering free services are generally not able to offer the range of features, that even a cheap web hosting company can.

These factors suggest choosing the paid option is the way to go. Although it may cost a bit, the benefits will make it worthwhile.

In order to zero in on the right cheap web hosting service, you will have to keep the following things in mind:

i. Attempt to balance the price of the service with the services. A cheaper option may lose you some services but can you live without them? If not, then you have to pay. If you can live without guaranteed uptime or support options, you could cut these out as long as you know what is vital for you.

ii. Cpanel is a feature that is useful for installing tools like blogs, discussion forums, shopping carts. It is also used for handling MySQL databases and support centers.

iii. Services of support: 24/7 has to be your requirement. You can never predict a crisis so having this support is vital.

iv. Disc space: The amount of disc space you require will depend upon the amount of information your site will be managing. However, it's always better to have enough space keeping future requirements in mind.

v. Accounts for email purposes: Do not hesitate to get rid of a web host firm that provides cheap or shoddy email accounts. There are many rival firms who want your business so feel free to go with them if you want.

Now comes the harder part of your search- look for companies that provide offers like 30 day money back guarantee, uptime guaranteed etc, you won't be able to find many, because such services cost money. But do look for them, because such companies do exist, and along with the afore-mentioned benefits they may also offer good service at highly affordable rates.

You should supplement the above pointers, with your own research before you sign-up with a company that satisfies your requirements and is in your price range.

After all your choices and signing with a provider, how can you tell you have made the correct choice? It isn't hard, if you are satisfied with the price being low, having all the email accounts you need, having support always available, having statistics regarding traffic and the option of PHP and windows, then you can be happy with your choice.
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