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What Do They Mean When They Say Social Media

Aug 21, 2008
According to WikiPedia social media is the use of electronic and Internet tools for the purpose of sharing and discussing information and experiences with other human beings. It offers a fantastic way for you to build an Internet business compared to even just a couple of years ago. Let's take a little closer look at social media and how you can get the maximum benefit from it with your own Internet business.

The key thing with social media is how it allows interaction between you and your website visitors. I also want to say at this time I hope you have a blog set up and are utilizing it to create social media. Blogging is a fantastic platform that allows interaction in many different ways between visitors and the content you are trying to present.

For example, the way you post an article on the blog today can be totally different than creating web pages were in the past. You can integrate pictures, audio, video, and other things to make your blog seem more exciting and alive

How you create interaction with your visitor is by allowing them to post comments on your blog, participate in contests, vote on polls, or even add content directly by writing blog articles for you.

This interaction is what creates a feeling of community amongst all of the different bloggers and visitors. People can begin to share their own experiences and stories as links to the theme of your blog.

Networking is a big part of social media. In fact social networking is another term that has come out of this. The idea of networking is not new and has been around businesses and clubs for many, many years.

Network marketing is a perfect example of a business that is built totally around people helping people. In the off line world traditional businesses would get together for Rotary club meetings and various things that allowed them to network with other business owners.

Today there are feeds are available such as an RSS feed to keep subscribers up to date on what is going on in your business. Many people will subscribe to your RSS feed because they want to continue to network with you after they are getting ready to leave your blog initially.

All of this offers a tremendous opportunity for building loyalty amongst readers and repeat visitors were more sales. Social media and social networking makes this all possible for you.
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