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Fixing Your AdWords Campaign When It Goes Bad

Aug 21, 2008
You are finally done. You have the perfect product, amassed an amazing amount of keywords and are all set. You even went all out and built a winning website and profit pulling ads. You have built a wonderful campaign uing all Google's tutorials and tools. Now there is one thing wrong your campaign is losing money not gaining profits for your business.

There are several reasons for this failure of your Adword campaign. However the most frequent mistake that people make is poor choice of keywords. The entire success of your campaign is dependent on having the correct keywords.

You will need to choose keywords that will specially attract your niche market. Failure to do this will result in a lot of wasted traffic and money.All Traffic and no sales equals a failing campaign.

Google has many tools and tutorials to help you with keyword research, when you start your Adwords campaign. These will give you an indication of which ads are unproductive and those that are successful. Reformat or even discard the ads that are not working. It is important to check that the keywords are indeed targeted to your niche market. Remember to save the keywords that you discard as search trends can change and they may become useful again.

After you have checked keywords on failing ads look at the ones you are using for successful ads. Compare the 2 and see which keywords are different. You can sometimes turn an ad around by some minor adjustments or even changing keywords.

Always remember to monitor your Adwords campaign carefully. This will prevent heavy losses from failed Adword campaigns. You should check your campaign on a regular basis, weekly or biweekly is best. This will help you to catch problems quickly before they get out of control. You can save your Adwords campaign like this and save a great deal of money.
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