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What Is The Best Way To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website?

Aug 21, 2008
The biggest challenge which search engine marketers face is the deceptively simple question of how to get more traffic to a website. Getting the targeted traffic that your site needs takes a lot of work - and there is no one right way to get it. Search Engine Optimization is both art and science; but if you manage to do it well, you will reap the benefits - namely, lots of targeted traffic.

To get that higher flow of targeted visitors to your site, there are some techniques which you should employ. Done properly, these will provide great results for your website. Generic search engine optimization when done well can create sustainable and steadily increasing profits even as search engines continually adjust their algorithms.

Since targeted visitors are the only ones you want; visitors who are already interested in what your site has to offer, it would be a mistake to cast too wide of a net. You need to first ask yourself this question before you start the SEO process for your site:

"Who is my target market - The people who will be my prospects and ultimately paying customers?"

Following this, ask yourself:

Are they other companies or businesses?
Are these professionals who are in search of something in particular that my website offers?
Who are the people who are looking at my site now? Are they everyday consumers or corporate buyers?
If these are regular customers; who are they? Are they affluent? What age range do they tend to fall into? Where do they live?
Have they visited your site once or more before becoming a customer?

They may in fact already be customers; or at the least frequent visitors to your site. Better yet is the case that they are repeat customers. The more information you can gather about your current client base, the better you will be able to target others like them. Armed with this data, you will have a much easier time making sense of the next few steps to building targeted traffic for your site.

Search engines and directories

In our connected age, you need to stay close to the top of the results which search engines return and in all the relevant directories online. This makes it much more likely that someone looking for your product or service will find you and not a competitor.

Give free newsletters on your website

A free newsletter is one of the easiest way to get more traffic to your site. You can publish a free newsletter and distribute it via an opt-in email list. This automatically builds you a list of prospects who are interested in your product or service. These subscribers will be voluntarily so, meaning that every one is a good prospect.

Online forums and discussion groups

It is well known that people in various demographic groups (that is to say, target markets) hang out in discussion groups and online forums. There they discuss their experiences and share information. If you can determine which groups people in your target market are likely to belong to, join them. This will give you a leg up on your competitors and give you valuable insight into how to appeal to your market niche.
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