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Generate Sales Leads By Harnessing the Power Online

Aug 21, 2008
Happy, loyal clients who make repeat purchases and send you referrals over many years are the holy grail when it comes to running a successful business. Conversely, there are some customers who are never satisfied and will do nothing but waste your time and distract you from allocating your resources where they can have the greatest positive effect on growing your business. It makes sense, therefore, to explain more about some of the lead generation concepts and strategies that are really working on the internet right now to drive new business and companies of all shapes and sizes.

But first: Why focus on lead generation? Well, it's very simple. In many industries, lead generation is one of the key constraints that dictate how effectively you drive revenue. Many complex sales scenarios are highly dependent on a steady supply of qualified leads.

Is Lead Generation Important?
Lead generation is important, even though it's not always the most important constraint on your sales volume and increase in business. Nevertheless, let's talk about that some other time. For our purposes, of course, generating qualified leads at lower cost is going to help you exponentially grow sales, as will using less human intervention and effort, which is time consuming and not particularly efficient.

In reality, most companies have a sales force that actually does relatively little selling. As an example, consulting firm Ballistix found that many sales people, especially those in complex situations, spend as little as 8% of their time selling to prospects. The rest of the time, they were oriented to opportunity management, customer service, clerical tasks, technical tasks, prospecting and social activities.

This is quite typical of a business-to-business sales situation, but of course most business managers and owners, as well as sales people would recognize that this type of non-sales activity is not an efficient use of sales time.

Lead Generation Process, High-Performance
Of course, then, what you need is a high performance lead generation process. What does that mean?
If your lead generation process is high performing, it's going to allow you to do several things:

1.Attract more qualified prospects efficiently and at lower cost

2.You'll educate prospects as to why and how you're different from your competitors

3.You'll teach your potential clients to trust you, so that they'll be comfortable talking with you about what you offer

4.You nurture prospective customers at all stages of the game, so that you give them the right message depending on the stage of decision-making they are in

5.It's scalable, so you can manage many times more leads with only incremental additional effort and resources, and

6.The process gives you more sales with less cost and effort.

Unless we start with a strategic framework, the tactical stuff won't be nearly as valuable. In a nutshell, the Marketing Results lead generation methodology uses web analytics to precisely understand how and why visitors are engaging with your website, while leveraging proven traffic and conversion strategies to cut marketing waste, expand reach and effectiveness and boost your lead generation results by orders of magnitude.
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Author: David B. Ascot shows secrets about online lead generation on the homepage where he explains more about optimal lead generation strategies
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