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10 Little Known Places To Give Away Your Promotional Products

Aug 21, 2008
A promotional product is nothing more than a normal item that you add your business's name, slogan, web address, or logo to and give out in an effort to raise community awareness of your company. You probably have some promotional products in your home. Some examples include pens, key chains, coffee mugs, magnets, and calendars.

Distributing promotional products is a powerful marketing tool. Who doesn't love to get stuff for free? Once we do, we tend to keep such items around for a long time. If your company's name appears on such household objects, customers will be constantly reminded of the products and services your business offers them. You can use the following locations to organize promotional product giveaways and maximize contact with your customer base.

* Your website: To generate some buzz, opt to hold a monthly giveaway on your website for one of your promotional products. To be effective, think about your target market and what they may like. If you have a website with information on cooking, you can give away an apron, a measuring cup, or a recipe holder.

* Websites of other companies: Websites of companies that you are not in direct competition can be another great location from which you can set up a product giveaway. Though you shouldn't use a competitor's website as your base of operations, the market of the company you work with should be similar to your own. For example, giving away a cooking apron away on a website about fishing won't help you draw very many customers.

* Upgrade orders: You can encourage your customers to upgrade their orders by offering promotional products in exchange for their upgraded purchase. Following the example mentioned above of an informational website about cooking, you could offer a customer who buys two recipe ebooks a free apron in thanks for their purchase.

* Best customer: You can review your sales records and find all your customers that have spent over $100 on your products and services. Then surprise them with a free promotional product; they are sure to be thrilled. Not only will they see you as an appreciative business owner, they will no doubt feel flattered and be moved to buy more from you.

* Best affiliate: You can reward your best affiliates with a promotional product. It will serve as big thank you, encouraging affiliates to work even harder in promoting your company's goods and services.

* Businesses you are not in competition in with: You can advertise by word of mouth and get valuable business referrals from non-competing businesses. This refers to companies that have a similar target customer base but does not offer the same products and services that yours does. Make-up artists and hair stylists and graphic designers and virtual assistants are two good examples of non-competing businesses that can be used for advertising to the mutual benefit of both companies.
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