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The Real Secret To Creating Your Own Writing Style

Aug 21, 2008
Some people have no problem expressing themselves on paper. Their thoughts seem to flow easily from their minds to their pens and then onto paper for others to read. However, this is not the case for everyone. Though not everyone is a natural born writer, anyone can individualize their writing and make it stand out. Following are a few tips that can help you create your own style of writing.

The best writers have a love of words, and they are avid readers. Believe it or not, reading is a great way to develop your writing style. The types of things you enjoy reading are probably things you would enjoy writing.

Reading is like research for a writer. When you read other authors and determine what you like and don't like you will learn what type of writer you are and what your style is. If the author's words don't jump out at you his writing probably doesn't follow your style. You are most likely to enjoy authors that follow a style similar to your own.

Try to figure out what your strengths are. Your strengths often directly relate to your personality. If you are a natural born teacher you will more than likely be good at writing instructional articles. Others who enjoy facts and figures may be good at informative news articles.

If you are a people person who likes to share your views with others, you might be good at writing opinion pieces or reviews. There are a wide variety of writing types to choose from.

You cannot create your own style of writing until you pick up a pen and start writing. Make it a daily event. Practice makes perfect. Keep an open mind and try lots of different methods the styles. Some things you try will come easier than others. One great way to practice your writing skills is by writing journals and blogs.

These "practice writings" don't need to be masterpieces, and you can delete what you write if you want. The point is to keep your writing muscles flexed by exercising them a little each day. Your natural strengths will come out as you try different forms of writing.

Embrace your personality and voice as you write. Use words that you would use when you speak. If your writing sounds unnatural and awkward, your reader will be turned off. Let your personality come out in your writing. Have a conversation with your readers as you would with someone you were speaking to face to face. If you like talking about certain subjects, write about them.
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